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  1. My wife is in the same boat. My best guess is at worst, it will cause a several months backlog delay and at best it won't effect anything other than USCIS issuing an extension or waiver. Just my opinion. But my heart goes out to all the couples right in the middle of this who don't have their green card.
  2. Airlines should be able to issue full refunds at this point. But yes, to be delayed like that is brutal
  3. Sorry for the late response, my wife got her shots by the civil surgeons listed in Honolulu. If you need more information, let me know and I can ask her
  4. Our green card interview was verbally approved about 4 weeks ago, but the vaccinations weren't done. So May 11th my Romanian wife finally turned in the paperwork (it takes about a month to get all the vaccinations done at the specific time each shot needs to be done.) So the online case status updated to "Name was updated." I believe this means the green card is being printed? I'll refrain from getting too excited until the green card is actually in our possession.
  5. Also a side note rant, I hate that I printed out countless papers for this interview that the officer didn’t need nor check. RIP to the ink and paper that was used.
  6. So, me and my foreign spouse did our GC interview just now. We had a very nice older lady as our officer and it went well Good news is she is approved for her green card. Bad news is she did not have her medical vaccinations (not my fault, she didn’t examine the medical checklist properly) and we have to get that done So just one last step but we’re pretty much finished. I couldn’t have made it here without the help and support of this site. Just wanted to thank all the posters on VJ
  7. I filed 2 weeks after I got married to my foreign spouse on the K1, the sooner the better. It took around 8 months from the day they receive the AOS application until the day we had the GC interview.
  8. Even if K1 denial rates were higher, is that really going to stop you from applying for a K1? It wouldn't have stopped me. You love who you love and you'll apply for whatever visa it takes to get them here.
  9. Agreed, and thanks for the response. Like you said, it's better to just have the documents on hand even if we already submitted it. Good luck at your interview!
  10. Quick question. My wife's green card interview letter is in hand. The paper says "bring the following items with you" and mentions the affidavit of support, then it says "unless already submitted." So there's a bunch of items we have to bring unless it's already submitted? To me, that means bring hardly anything besides proof of bonafide relationship as most of the items on the checklist were already submitted with the AOS package. I just wanted confirmation that we in fact should bring every single item on the list, as a precaution, even if it states "unless already submitted."
  11. Thanks as well, it gives me some relief I wish we could reschedule the vacation but the issue is I’ve already bought all plane tickets to Nevada which wasn’t cheap. And I’ve alreaud submitted my request for leave as well as my wife getting her days off. Obviously this GC interview take priority over anything, we simply didn’t think it was going to come up in 7 months. Either way, thank you for your information
  12. I’m US Air Force and have been currently deployed for 6 months. Before I deployed, my wife was admitted to America on the K1 and we filed for AOS. Fast forward to now she has her EAD and everything is going well while she works in Hawaii and I’m still deployed until May 10 So, May 5th we get the USCIS online notification that an interview is scheduled. The problem is that me and my wife have planned our vacation in Nevada for May 10-19 (these vacation dates after my deployment were planned back in February, obviously we had no idea the green card interview would only be a 7 month wait from when we first filed AOS in October) and we won’t be at home to receive any USCIS mail We called USCIS and submitted a request to reschedule but obviously we still won’t be at home to receive any mail on the original date or possible rescheduled date Should I be worried about this? Or is there a low chance the actual interview will happen during that 10 day window we will be gone? As of now, I’m worried some mail will arrive on the 13th with instructions to go for an interview on the 18th, despite the fact we already submitted a request for reschedule to be on the safe side.
  13. Was your RFE about tax returns? Myself and several other October filers had the same RFE, and we know for certain we included tax returns in the packaged Anyways, I think USCIS lost the paperwork but it's good to see that you, myself, and others are back on schedule even after the RFE.
  14. Welp, I finally got my wife's interview scheduled per the USCIS stating "interview has been scheduled." Congrats to all those are already done with all of it lol.
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