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  1. I was at Terminal 3 about 2 weeks ago. There is a guard there checking passports and the names and flights on e-tickets on peoples phones at the main gate.
  2. she cant get through the front door without a ticket.
  3. This was with the cc form you can attach with new original submissions for 1-129f
  4. Does the clock start upon visa issue to K1, or entry, or I-485 filing?
  5. Commish10

    K2 Photo

    Is a passport photo of the K2 child required when filing K1?
  6. Can a relative take the child for medical and interview while the fiancee/ wife is in the US? How do they interview a 3 year old?
  7. When a K1/K2 is filed and ready for interview, does fiancee and child interview at the same time? Is the child given a 1 year expiry date on their visa for follow to join?
  8. Middle name as in mother's maiden name as just the first letter on I-129?
  9. CEAC still shows waiting for documents.
  10. 2 weeks ago I received a response from the embassy regarding an email I sent to withdraw the petition. She has her interview in March and got a 221g for some additional information. Since that time she decided she did not want to get married and I sent an email to the embassy to withdraw the petition. They responded that they will send to a consular office "for determination of the next appropriate steps". I not sure what that means or how long that is supposed to take. Anybody have any experience with this?
  11. I have Verizon prepaid. For $10/day, i have wifi, texts, and can makes calls.
  12. Commish10

    Water Heaters

    You better ground that baby or Bzzzzzzz
  13. I always use Johnny Air
  14. I'm not there yet, I'm not sure I will ever be again, but the information is good to know.
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