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  1. I got my EAD approved yesterday, the 19th, same day I received a letter from my congressman by mail with the USCIS response to my congressional inquiry. I believe such inquiry was the key point for my approval, as two others inquiries created under my case were not assigned for processing on the date of the approval. As a matter of fact, USCIS replied to my congressman on the on Aug. 12, stating that the agency had requested my file, which would be reviewed by an officer within 60 days once received. It took me 231 days to obtain my approval.
  2. Congrats!!! Could you tell me if your case was previously assigned for processing before changing status into card is being produced?
  3. Tier 2 told me today my case was worked on this week. However, a tier 1 once also told me that before, when I called back in May. So I am still not sure how helpful knowing when your case was last touched is. In the end, such tier 2 submitted a general inquiry on my behalf so that I can have an explanation on the abnormal processing time of my EAD case. I was told this inquiry, whose prefix is WKD, will be taken care of within 3-4 weeks. Despite that, neither of my inquiries (SR and WKD) are assigned for processing. On my egov account it does not even say my fingerprint review was completed for my EAD. It just says my case was received. Only the other USCIS website (myaccount) has my cases updated correctly.
  4. 225 days since submission and counting... 2 weeks since inquiry submission for EAD. I just tried to speak to a tier 2 for the first time. The conventional tier agent got all my data, gave me a service item number, and redirected my call. Then I talked to the USCIS electronic secretary, left my contact information for them to call me back, and was told my expected wait time was 456 min. Is this the normal way to talk to a tier 2?
  5. I am in the same situation. It has been 221 days since the receipt date, and I have not heard back from USCIS regarding either AOS or EAD, other than my fingerprint review was completed. I submitted a case inquiry on July 30th, as soon as I got to know about the new expected processing-time range for the I-765. In my egov USCIS account, I have the same message with regard to my submitted inquiry, which was not assigned yet, as of July 30th. I called USCIS hot-line today. They told me I have to wait for 30 days to take further actions, although the instant automatic reply to my inquiry submission says I should expect a response by the 21st of August. Not to mention that another agent I talk to, on the day I submitted my inquiry, told me it would take 14 days to process it. There are so many versions out there. Their system is broken, and I am getting sick and tired of such a long wait.
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