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  1. Great news! Thank you for sharing! Is there a possibility it will pass or is it unlikely? Please keep us posted with any updates.
  2. Hello. No updates from us but I did check his visa status on the gov site and it was last updated in December which is a gd sign, I think. Anyone else have any news?
  3. That's awesome news! Hope it's accurate and thank you so much for the update!
  4. Amr8, could you post the site you're getting your statistics from? I'd love to keep track.
  5. I suggest you email the embassy the information and tell them that you forgot to send it.
  6. Congratualtions, Khouloud! When did your mother have her interview at the embassy?
  7. Wow! What a coincidence that you had yours on the same day! His interview was in Amman, Jordan. Unfortunately, no updates. His case has been in administrative processing since his interview and we haven't heard anything since. How about you?
  8. Mirna.A

    Travel Ban

    I see. You think spouses are processed faster? Not sure if my husband has a common name but he doesn't have any military service or education in his history- which is a plus. Been over 5 months since his interview now...
  9. Mirna.A

    Travel Ban

    Thanks for all the info SalHasl! How long do you think people will wait post interview for their visas? A friend of a friend of mine in the embassy said that after the interview it may take over a year The CR1 case that you mentioned got a visa after 22 months, is that after his/her interview?
  10. Wait, is AP different than the waiver review or are they both conducted at the same time? Are you counting from the day of the interview? Because when the counselor told him that they'll be doing the AP and that he may be eligible for a waiver, I assumed the waiver processwas the same as AP.
  11. The thing is, I realized that the new updated date is the date the senator's lawyer contacted the embassy. Kind of bummed because I thought they updated it for other reasons. I have contacted my senator and his lawyer asks for updates for us but every time we get the same answer: that there's nothing new on his case and that they'll contact us once there's progress. SalHasl, that's great news about the waivers that were granted! Could you tell me how long they waited after their interview? We're considering moving to be with my husband because we're worried his visa will take too long so any information you can give me could help.
  12. Hey, guys. Nothing new for my husband either. It's been almost 5 months since his interview... I just checked the status of my husband's case and the Last Updated Date was changed from February 21st to July 10th. I think that's good news? No idea. Muhammadsheikhale: I've heard that visas are processed faster and granted more for women so that may help your situation. I know of a person on Visa Journey who said that his friend's wife recently got her visa 3 or 4 months after her interview. Wish you all good luck and please keep updating us on your case.