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  1. Janique pine

    Updated Jamaica Medical Review

    Lol this message is old my fiancé had his medical and interview done already
  2. What about for pick up my visa said issued yesterday .. when should I be able to pick it up at the dhl ?
  3. I’m wondering if I should call the dhl office or the embassy
  4. I choose pick up not delivery
  5. Anyone has answer for this ?
  6. When the ceac site says issue does that mean the visa is ready for pick up ?
  7. Janique pine

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    Yay!! Still praying for you @Sarge2155
  8. https://www.andrewsmemorialhospital.com/rules/
  9. When was your interview ?
  10. Ap meaning ? Administrative processing ?
  11. After your Interview does your status change on ceac.state.gov website ?
  12. Interview today and we got approved !!?!!!!! Thanks you to everyone that helped me out me out on this journey !!! And good luck to everyone waiting
  13. Pictures and messages and call logs and you need another letter of intent with a new date
  14. Yeah he did and you need the affidavit of support too and the supporting documents for that and also proof of ongoing relationship
  15. Yup that’s it then gather up your documents for the interview