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  1. I have chosen to wait to apply in 2021 just because i don't need the passport right away. There is a significant wait period right now due to COVID. I have a friend who applied in march and she's still waiting. You can, just be prepared to wait
  2. Yes do that if it makes you feel at ease . Prepare as best as u can and don't sweat it. It's usually a straight forward process. Mine took 15 minutes from check in, interview to check out. best of luck to you!
  3. Congrats on getting scheduled! I brought the original copies of all my documentation, even though they didn't ask for any of my documentation on that day. I didn't take my spouse with me, its not a required part of the interview, but if you would like to include your spouse, they will not say no to them accompanying you. Spouses are usually not interviewed during this process.
  4. I was going to ask same. My friend applied for hers and has been waiting since March, 2020. Not sure if i wish to have my certificate gone that long until things come back to some sort of normal.
  5. The same one on your green card. I was hoping they would use the picture for my biometrics when I did the n-400 filing but nope. They used my raggedy old picture. But still thankful either way that this journey is over 😂
  6. YAY congratulations! how did the ceremony go?
  7. Do you have a date for your N-400 yet? I applied early November 2019 and didn't get a date until about January 2020. Had interview February 12, got scheduled for oath March 18(which got postponed due to COVID). Processing times depend mostly on where you live/filed. With COVID timelines may differ. I would try to check your online account to see a somewhat accurate estimate.
  8. The courthouse where i had mine done offered the live streaming option. The link to the livestream was provided on their website a couple days before the ceremony. It might vary depending on where you will be having yours. Thanks
  9. oh it went well. took 30 minutes from checking in to the swearing in. quick and simple for a time like this.
  10. Oath Ceremony was a success. Everything went in the format as described on the guidelines mailed to me earlier. We observed social distancing, wore masks and had sanitizers everywhere. Everyone at the court house was nice and pleasant. The ceremony took only 30 minutes between checking in and the entire ceremony. So glad this journey is finally over. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Looks like they are live streaming oath ceremonies on youtube for my city. This is an awesome idea since guests are not allowed, and relatives all over the US and world can watch
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