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  1. Ok, resubmitting with my proof of payment. It felt good to rant though! 😄 with this being the second time that’s happened, hopefully Next time I’ll remember....
  2. I didn't, and that was probably my first mistake - thinking that USCIS was competent enough to see all my current cases linked on their system and just use common sense 😄 🤦‍♂️ Ok well thanks, I guess I'll do what I did last time and resubmit with a copy of my receipt stapled to it.
  3. Just wanted to check on something before I send a strongly worded email to the brain trust at USCIS: First time I applied for my EAD my application was returned (wasting valuable time) because they said I hadn't paid the fee. They were wrong. There WAS no fee for my work permit OR advance parole because it was included in my Green Card application fee. I told them this, sent it back, and my card was processed. Now it's coming up to my renewal time (still no green card interview in sight) and so I re-applied for my work permit to be renewed, but yet again they've sent it back because it didn't include the fees. I'm 99% sure I checked and found that I STILL didn't need to pay any fees for this EAD renewal, so yet again they've messed up. Am I right in thinking I shouldn't need to pay any more to get my current EAD renewed? Because that's what someone here told me last time.....?
  4. I'm adjusting status from a K-1 visa, still awaiting my interview (which could be god knows when due to the current pandemic!) but my EAD is expiring within the next 90 days so I'm planning on sending in my I-765 renewal form. It seems pretty straightfoward to fill out, pretty much the same answers as when I applied the first time, but I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be aware of filling out differently when renewing or an example form to take a look at? So far all I can see is (obviously) checking the box for 'renewing' instead of 'applying for the first time', but also wondering about the question re. "Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number (if any)" as that might be different to my original arrival record number (as I left the country and returned with an Advance Parole document since sending this form the first time). Also I'm 99% sure it looks like I won't have to pay the fee to renew as my I-485 form is already in process and that payment covered the EAD the first time, so do I have to include any proof of original payment or just state that my eligibility category is still 'c9' so that my renewal fee is waived? Hoping someone who has already been through this process can give some pointers. Many thanks 🙂
  5. I arrived in Feb 2019, married a USC in April 2019 and got my work permit in Oct 2019. I'm currently awaiting green card interview but recently got laid off due to COVID-19. I remember something about not being able to become a 'public burden' on the welfare system whilst awaiting my green card, or potentially even the entire time I have a green card up until I choose whether to become a US citizen myself or not. Does this mean I won't be entitled to ANY of the government assistance (unemployment, stimulus cheque, welfare of any kind) due to COVID-19 because I'm not a US citizen? My wife and I filed our 2019 taxes jointly and I have a social security number but I don't know if that will make me eligible due to my 'resident alien' status, even though my spouse is a US citizen. Any ideas??
  6. I recently re-entered the USA for the first time since starting my AOS process. For some reason (possibly because I expedited my EAD) I didn't get the 'combo card' but instead got a paper letter to serve as an Advance Parole document. It says it's valid for multiple reentries but the immigration officer stamped the box so I'm wondering if the letter will just be full of stamps after a few visits to/from the USA??
  7. Thanks so much to everyone who helped! Good to know it's meant to look like that 🙂 Well we have one pending trip planned, but I can see myself possibly having some international business trips in 2020 so would like to know that I can come and go as I please until my AOS is complete... That's interesting! Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be scanning this first one in case a second one doesn't show up. They can't even get my address right - I moved house after starting the process so I updated my address as I was told; the EAD/AOS process is coming to my new address but all the AP stuff (like this letter) keeps going to my in-laws! I called USCIS once we realised and they updated it to be the same as my other processes, but nope - still coming to the wrong address. Thank God it's someone I know that lives there!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  8. Thanks both but unfortunately not what I was asking at all 😂 Appreciate your enthusiasm tho! Anyone else?
  9. I finally received my Advance Parole letter document that I have to take with me when I leave the USA in order to be allowed back in. It came as a separate document to my EAD work permit card because I expedited that, so now I guess I have to carry both... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway, at the bottom of the letter it has a box with my photo in it, and then next to it it has a box for the ‘parole stamp’ but this is left empty/blank... Anyone know if this is normal? Am I meant to get a stamp here when I leave/re-enter or something? Or should it have been stamped by the USCIS office to demonstrate authenticity or something?? I don’t wanna get to passport control and be turned around back to the UK...! Also, now that I have my EAD card and this AP letter, does anyone know if it’s possible to apply for a ‘combo card’ that will serve as both instead of having to take care of a piece of paper every time I travel?
  10. I had Global Entry for fast re-entry to the USA before I got engaged and entered the country on a K-1 visa. I'm now in the process of adjusting to a Green Card but haven't obtained it yet and am soon to receive my 'advance parole' letter which should allow me to re-enter the USA. Will I still be able to use the Global Entry kiosks for faster re-entry while this process is pending or will I have to queue up and show my AP letter to somebody??
  11. Wow, I had no idea I could've actually APPLIED for one. Im SURE I read somewhere else on here that you usually get an SSN 5-6 weeks after you get your EAD.
  12. I filed for AoS in March, got expedited EAD a few days ago in August due to a job offer. A couple of days before my EAD showed up, another unexpected card came in the mail - my social security number card!! Is that normal? I was under the impression the SSN card came 5-6 weeks after the EAD was printed/granted.... And then as if that's not enough, my green card status changed to 'ready for interview' yesterday! It's all go, all of a sudden.... I'm just glad I can finally work. The only thing I don't have is my advance parole travel pass because USCIS made a mistake with my form so it's delayed like a month behind the rest of my process.... Anyway, is that normal? To get an SSN days before getting my EAD??
  13. Ok, thanks all! Not a huge deal, but I'll get in touch with my congress office again if the AP doesn't come through soon. Annoyingly it was USCIS' fault it wad delayed in the first place; they returned my I-131 telling me I hadn't paid the fee, even though I had, and I had to send them proof. Guess it didn't update in the computer fast enough because my EAD application went through at the same time without a hitch. Would've been nice if they'd put a rush on it to apologise but we all know that's not how they operate 🙂
  14. I petitioned to get a work permit expedited via my congressman as I have an impending job offer, which was successful, but due to a USCIS error (they thought I hadn't paid my fees) my i-131 application is about a month behind my i-765. I finally received my EAD card today but it says "not valid for reentry to U.S." on the bottom. I'm guessing that getting the work permit expedited doesn't also expedite the Advance Parole application, even though they seem to come together on a 'combo card' nowadays... From the brief reading I've done it looks like I might get the 'advance parole' on a separate paper letter, which is kind of annoying to have to carry around every time I travel abroad (which will be quite often for work reasons), but is there any point me contacting USCIS to ask if this is a mistake or if they can cancel my current EAD card and re-issue a 'combo card' once the AP is granted??
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