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  1. Aah yes I remember seeing this, I think she does have it somewhere, tho good to hear it's probably not essential if we don't have it any more 👍 Thanks everyone.
  2. Just got my K1 visa and starting to work on AoS prep already! The guide on this site says one of the things I'll need to do is "Submit Copy of NOA2 "Approval" for I-129F". What exactly constitutes NOA2? Is it just the email I had from the NVC beginning: ....and then continuing on to list the case number, USCIS receipt number, etc.....?? Or is it when I got mailed my I-129f back with the big American flag 'approved' stamp on it?
  3. I know, right?! I had people digging up info on me from other threads and trying to use it against me rather than just answering the question I had asked....! Like, stalker much?! 😂
  4. Now that my visa is almost in hand, time to start thinking about planning the wedding! My fiancée is in the US and I'm in the UK. Is it more sensible for us to go with 2 x totally separate invitation processes (writing, printing, packing, mailing), one there in the US and one here in the UK? Or better to do it all in one country and then just find a way to mail all the invitations across the pond for the British attendees??
  5. Got my K-1 approved the other day and leaving for the USA in a few weeks. Very excited for this new chapter in life and just wanted to come say thanks to everyone on this forum who helped answer all the dumb nervous questions I had on every little thing, even the ones who were jerks to me 😂 Let's be honest, there are quite a few know-it-alls on this forum but most people are really helpful and empathetic so thanks for all the advice/info. Also, I have a YouTube channel as a hobby and I made a short video on the K-1 process to hopefully help other people thinking about this route. Feel free to check it out/share it with other K-1 applicants (and no doubt leave me tons of snarky comments about how I got all the facts wrong! 😀):
  6. p.s. I'm guessing you know, this is the site for the embassy in London to book your interview: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-gb/iv and this is the site I used to check my application status: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx (but you'll need your LND for that) If they're dragging their feet on providing the LND, try emailing the NVC; I think that's what my fiancée did and they emailed back a few days later.
  7. Thanks, yeah like I said, I wrote my own checklist just copied from one I found online (maybe these very forums) but the Embassy's seemed to have less requisites on theirs...Still, can't hurt to take some extra info at the back of my folder just in case.... Oh yeah and the DoS vaccination form - they're not getting that, I'm hanging onto it for dear life 😄 Don't want to lose that when AoS time comes around....!
  8. Sorry for the (probably) silly question; I had my medical about 2 weeks ago and have my K1 interview in London (UK) tomorrow. I'd written a checklist of required documents for the interview some time ago, on which I had listed 'medical documents'. Who knows where I got this idea from; AFAIK nowadays they forward all the medical info required to the embassy themselves, with applicants not having to take any medical forms to their interview themselves....? Right? So all I should need, according to the UK embassy, is: Passport 2 x Passport photos Birth Certificate (+ copy) Police certificate (+ copy) I-134 form with evidence of financial support (+copy) maaaybe more evidence of relationship just in case... ....and that's it, right? Also, if I have the original document (like birth cert or police cert), the photocopy doesn't need to be certified in any way, correct? Wish me luck! 🙂
  9. I scheduled the interview for the length of time the medical team told me it would take. That's about as 'from the horse's mouth' as it gets, no? Or are they wrong? Also, if the medical isn't there, I read that it doesn't really matter; I don't mind too much if my visa gets delayed a few days, just as long as I don't have to go back to London again. I will email the embassy to get the official ruling on the I-134 form; hopefully they reply pretty fast. If I need to reschedule I will.
  10. I mean the royal 'I' 😂 Yeah I'm well aware of how it works, thanks. So what proof can you offer that we should only submit one I-134, as others are suggesting multiple? It would be good if they made it more clear....
  11. Oh, so I should only complete ONE I-134, assumedly for my fiancé's parents as they're the only ones who meet the requirements for this?
  12. If you need example forms (without sharing someone's personal info!) there's loads available in the menu up top, just click 'Guides > Example Immigration Forms'. Here's the I-134: Example I-134.pdf
  13. Super helpful replies - thanks both!! Will get stuck into those 2 x I-134s today. At least we already have all the numbers/evidence so should just be a 'fill in the blanks' game....!
  14. We just did exactly the same thing…! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Hoping we can get the right form filled out in time for my interview which is next week… Messaged you for more information 🙂
  15. Hilarious moment of panic last night after I dropped my fiance off at the airport to fly back to America, and having left me with copies of all the forms I will need for my interview next Friday we realised she had mistakenly filled in form I-864 instead of I-134.....! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I know the I-134 form isn't mandatory for the interview, but I think it would be prudent to have it. My fiancé left me with all of her income/tax evidence along with the income/tax evidence of her parents (they are co-sponsoring me because she has been in and out of work this year so her latest return falls under the income amount guidelines...) so now we have a few questions: 1. How do we fill out the I –134 forms with parental co-sponsors in mind? If my fiancé's income falls under the guideline, should she even bother submitting one alone? Or should we just submit one form for each person (I.e. 3, one for her, one for her mom and one for her dad?) Or can we just count her parents as one person and submit 2 x forms? 2. Will it matter if she fills out the form and then emails it to me as she is now back in America? Will they care that her signature has been printed out? My interview is booked for next week so there's not really enough time to mail real documents over.... 3. Can I assume that I as the alien don't need to take any evidence of my own income/meagre savings along to the interview in the form of a bank statement or my own British tax returns? Given that I am supposed to be the one being sponsored, and will not be able to work for a while until my EAD? Or would they like to see that they at least have a little bit in the bank to get me through this period of unemployment, even if it's only a few thousand pounds? I'm kind of under the impression that, as long as we have these forms explaining what the tax returns/payslips/bank statements are saying, the consulate official will understand what we are trying to prove…?