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  1. I think you need to check out the following link. The one you're on now is for Adjusting from family-based visas https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/130-adjustment-of-status-from-work-student-amp-tourist-visas/
  2. Yes, my husband applied for his AB 60 driver's license about 3 weeks ago. He had to show his passport, his I-94, his social security card and proof of living in California (he took our lease with his name on it and the electric bill with his name on it). They had him take the written test and once he passed they gave him his driving permit that allowed him to drive with a licensed adult in the car with him. He immediately made an appointment for a behind-the-wheel test at the Lake Isabella DMV (they were the only DMV with availability that week, all local DMVs had nothing until late November). He passed the driving test and received his paper driver's license, it took about two weeks to receive the actual license in the mail. When I added him to my car insurance, we were able to give the insurance company a copy of his driving record from the UK and it saved a ton of money on our premium.
  3. Good to know! I might see if my husband's up for another trip to the DMV now that we have the I-797.
  4. As soon as my husband received his social security card we went straight to the DMV to apply for his AB 60. When we got there (at 7 a.m. to avoid massive lines) we were told that he could either apply for the regular Driver's License, assuming he had his I-797 as proof that he had a pending green card application or we could come back and apply for his AB 60 when he only had 30 days or less left on his K1 visa. Basically he was too "legal" for the AB 60 and too "illegal " for the regular license (we hadn't received the I-797 yet). I've read that the regular license would only be valid while his K1 was valid and the DMV guy didn't say otherwise, so we went back as soon as he only had 30 days left on his K1 visa, and had no problem applying for the AB 60 (again we went at 7 a.m. to avoid massive lines). They asked to see his social security card, passport with the K1, and proof of CA residency (we gave our lease and electric bill that both had his name on them). They took his fingerprint and let him take the written test. He passed so had his picture taken and was given a driving permit that allowed him to drive as long as someone over 18 was in the car with him. I added him to my car insurance and the agent was extremely happy to see his driving summary, as it decreased our insurance premium by a lot! The same day he passed his written test, we went online and made an appointment for his behind the wheel driving test. All the local DMVs had no appointments until the end of November, so we booked something the same week all the way in Lake Isabella - the drive was worth it to avoid the wait. Now we're just waiting to get his actual license in the mail, whew!
  5. Definitely renew your UK license so you can print your Driving License Summary (https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence). Saved us loads on our car insurance after my husband got his AB 60 drivers license.
  6. Now that I think of it, I did watch the whole series of The Bottom which was from the 80s I think... definitely sexist and politically incorrect, but hilarious! Haha.
  7. I've already sent the link to my husband, I'm going there this weekend with or without him! I really think that he was meant to be born here and I was meant to be born in England. He doesn't miss England at all but I'm feeling homesick from not being there for more than 4 months lol. I've never seen On the Buses or Only Fools and Horses, I'll have to check them out. My all time favorite is Friday Night Dinner though lol I watch it all the time and I never get tired of it.
  8. We'll definitely check it out @sam.e, thank you! The husband will like that it's the same name as his favorite pub too lol.
  9. Ooh we do have an Applebees near us that I could try, thanks! My husband definitely misses his doner kebabs, the ones he's had here are nothing like he's used to lol.
  10. My husband moved here to California from England back in August, and I think I'm more homesick for England than him! I'm used to visiting him in England at least every couple months, and I'm having major cravings for real fish and chips. Does anyone know of a place in L.A. or Orange County that does real fish and chips like they do in England? We've only found fish and chip places that sell tiny fish fillets, I'm desperate for the huge fillets of cod and haddock. Thanks!
  11. Thank you @John951. His k1 hasn't expired yet and he has his social security card, so we're hoping to get his regular driver's license/driving permit as soon as we get the i797 for his i485. When we went to the DMV they said they can extend the expiration date of his regular driver's license past the expiration of his k1 as long as we bring the i797. Fingers crossed!
  12. My husband and I just got married at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana. It's a beautiful courthouse, only used for weddings, and we got our Certified marriage certificate in less than two weeks. Orange County processes Wedding Certificates much, much faster than L.A. County.
  13. Did you have to make an appointment for him to apply for his driver's license or did you just walk into the DMV? We were told to come back to apply for the license when he receives his 797 letter, but I'm hoping he can just walk in and not wait a month or two for an appointment.
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