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  1. Of course they will ask you to fill out the ds 5535 form and then the status will change to AP and it will get updates then it will change to issues. About your old passport I suggest to call the interior ministry and ask them about that.. cuz I had only one passport
  2. That’s a good new bro.. just be patient. It took me 3 months
  3. I'm having the case like you I had my interview on March 15 2018, I was asked to fill out the ds5535.. I filed out and send it, since then I was put on A.P Me and my wife emailed the embassy but we got no answer..
  4. I think you have to Email the consulate... Congratulation
  5. Good morning There's any change on your IV case status ?
  6. I don't think we have the same issue because at the interview my case wasn't denied, the CO told me that my case needs more time so I understood that he put me on AP.. after 5 weeks the consulate emailed me and asked me to fill out the form DS 5535... After fill it out and send it back to the consulate they emailed me back and told me that they gonna add the information to my application and begin the processing... So they could told me if they sent back the case to uscis or they didn't even asked me to fill out the form DS 5535. You understand what I mean mme?
  7. Hi everybody I want to share my experience: I'm a Tunisian citizen married to a US citizen.. We filed for a CR1 visa, I had my interview at the Tunisian embassy on March 15, 2018..and I was put on AP, they kept my passport. The status on the CEAC showed "READY" since the date of the interview but I had several updates (8 updates). On April 23 I got an email from the consulate to fil out the form DS 5535. I filled it out and sent it back on 26th then my status changed to AP and I got three updates ( 27, 28, 30) My questions are : There's anybody having the same situation and how long do you think is gonna take? Thanks