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  1. Awesome! Thank you for your response! Did you finally receive yours ?
  2. So applying for expedite doesn't affect your case at all. The NVC sends the request for expedite to your embassy and the Embassy will determine to see if they will allow to have your case expedited. So I would say just try it.
  3. So we called the USCIS before, and they put in a service request basically saying they are looking for the approved petition. We had to wait until 90 days had passed, and when we finally called and got a hold of a supervisor, they were finally being super nice and helpful to us. They recreated the case, and sent it out, I think 2 days after, and it was received pretty fast at NVC. We also requested our Embassy to expedite our case, with the following reason that the USCIS had extremely delayed our case, and then two other reasons, and we got it approved. Don't know what the reason was that they accepted the request, but maybe because of the USCIS thing.
  4. I know i can't get it at the local post office. But what I meant was, if i went to the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office, they might have the number in their system and could tell me the number. But of course not hand me the actual card. Perfect, I will definitely try that! Thank you.
  5. Hello VisaJourney, I am moving to the states in the end of October and have tried to figure out the whole SSN thing. To my knowledge i would receive the SSN within 2 weeks, but is there anyway that i can get the actual number before? Because to open a bank account, get drivers license and start my job i would need to have the SSN. But it seems like a long time to wait a couple of weeks, to even open bank accounts and get a permission to drive. Anybody knows if i can go to the local office and get the number, call or any way else?
  6. Hello VisaJourney. I just received my VISA, today and logged on to pay the fees and created my online account. I am currently living overseas but will be travelling to the US, at the end of October. On the online account it says "Updating your contact information in your online account profile is the first step. Please submit Form AR-11 to complete the process. Visit our webpage for more information." But when reading more about it, i can't seem to figure out if this is actually something i need to do? On my DS260 and everywhere else, i have been stating what my address will be in the US. So my question is, is this something i have to do? Or only if i was actually changing to a different address? Thank you for your help.
  7. Hello guys. Finally received my VISA today! Can't believe it, after waiting so long! So in the yellow envelope i received with my passport, there is a note saying i have to pay the USCIS immigrant fee. When I try to, it tells me it couldn't find my info, and it's probably because my visa was just issued (1st of October). Just wanted to hear how long other people waited until they could pay this fee? It says it's the fee to cover the ost for the actual green card.
  8. Hello. Does anybody have any experience buying airplane tickets? Right now, it is way cheaper (half price) to buy a round trip, instead one-way ticket. Does anybody know if this is allowed when entering the states for the first time with the VISA?
  9. Did you manage to get the passport before your flight ? How did you get the tracking number from the Embassy? (In case mine doesn't turn up either within the 10 days)
  10. That sounds horrible not knowing where the passport is. Hopefully it will go smoother for me since Postnord is owned by Denmark and Sweden. Crossing my fingers. BTW, did you put down your own address at the yellow envelope at the interview, or the post office address? I put down my own, and is hoping it will get delivered there. Because how will you know that it is at the post office ?
  11. Wait i went on to where i scanned my documents, but then used your link instead! And it updated yesterday to ISSUED!!!!! So awesome ! Thanks for your help
  12. Hmm, the CEAC where i uploaded my documents? I just logged on to see, but can't find anywhere about the status of my case?
  13. I only wrote down schools i attended after gymnasium.
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