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  1. I am no help as I have never hesrd of not having a last name . sorry.
  2. There is not a family name?
  3. I sent like 6 pages of chat and pages showing wedding plans.. Like the nikkah email discussion from imam in dallas and wedding chapel confirmation booking and the 6 pages of chats but I added like 4 screenshots to each page and printed. And I sent pics from thw additional trip 4 pics to a page for 4 pages. And 2 pages done the same way of screenshots of some video chats from different times/wearing different clothing. That's all.
  4. Yes I get the elephant thing but since the original interview was wcheduled back in January i thought mid march wasn't such a rush. Lol and we have the visa but trying to deal with getting out of the UAE work/resident visa/contract issues is the problem. Avoiding a future block to the country by this employer who is doing a good job at being a jerk is the problem. Yes.. As change of plans like changing the ticket and hotels when he comes are a priority. As I said I cancelled any wedding plans because I am trying to just get him here. So I'm not trying to rush any wedding or plan that at all. No worries.
  5. Went to follow up appointment which they said why did you come? And he showed them the email saying your follow up appointment in person is 8 am and the usvisa site where the embassy scheduled the appointment 24 Feb. And the reply? It must have been for someone else. Great.. Very organized . haha better safe than sorry. And now the owner is threatening to put a block on him. So I may have to change plans and change ticket again and won't know for a couple of days because the owner of the company conveniently decided to go to Jordan again and wont sign any paper to release him from his work contract still. At this point I have cancelled wedding and nikkah plans (and lost the deposts already paid) and have no idea when he will be here or what to plan. Sorry. Just venting as I am frustrated.
  6. Yes thats what they did and they asked for it.
  7. Well all this delay I had to cancel our wedding venue and lose the deposit money. But I don't care anymore. Just ready for him to be here. Even if I just have something in the court I don't care. I told him to go tomorrow because I do not want anything else to go wrong. Ive changed the plane ticket 5 times in our 2 month delay..and there is a nice 16 hour nonstop flight Dubai to Dallas arriving march 9th. I live pretty close to Dallas and am planning a 3 day dun trip including Dallas, fort worth and Oklahoma. I will be happy to see if the visa is in the passport really.
  8. No you have the printed you will not pay anything at the embassy. Don't worry. So supposed to go back Feb 24 at 8 am for follow up.. But i got email saying it is in empost and have a tracking number. I checked ceac website and case atatus and it says issued. So in case he will go to the embassy tomorrow am.crazy really. I mean status says issued
  9. 2nd interview is 24 Feb. Checked ceac and now status changed to issued!!!
  10. Checked ceac says issued!!!
  11. He needs 4 passport photos and emirates is and passport and up to 1500 add if he needs all the vaccinations
  12. Autocorrect I mean follow up not floor up. And fyi thru all these interview even this one they scheduled I have only paid the 265 visa fee one time. Not any repayment.
  13. Medical is only valid for 6 months. Wait. But gather police certificates..fill out the d's-160. Birth certificates. If you are philipino, cenomar.. Any divorces..they did take my affidavit of support and divorce decree and new passport photosx2. Looked at relationship evidence and pictures but did not keep them. Took tax returns