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  1. You can use your money for visits, it is a simple process, instructions are simple ! paying a service won't make it easier or faster Good luck
  2. 1 Letter where you give some brief details about how you met 2 My husband added me to Utility bills / Insurance / Lease (sent me a copy that i signed, scanned then sent back to him ) 3 add me to a bank account, i remember we had a visio call with the representative, he asked me some questions, they sent me a contract that i signed electronically (but im not sure IF every Bank can do that, maybe it depends on the state ? ) if you have a futur plan tell them so This is your best chance to send all you can ! Best of luck
  3. CappuccinoMo

    Morocco to USA tourist visa

    No section where ? in DS 160 ? i was talking about the CO and the questions they asked, so yes they ask "verbally" if the applicant is married and if she has children! and of course all you submitted in DS160 should be accurate with answers given to CO Good luck
  4. CappuccinoMo

    Visitor Visa - Chances of Approval

    i have no advice, but i like how ambitious you are wish you to realize all your dreams
  5. CappuccinoMo

    Morocco to USA tourist visa

    in Morocco better to be safe and take documents! Marriage and kids are strong ties for CO when talking about Tourist visa
  6. CappuccinoMo

    Morocco to USA tourist visa

    your mother in low want to visit her daughter / son ? she can tell them so, they will ask her if she is married and if she has kids, she needs to take Marriage certificate Original and translation, and "Hala madania" original and translation, a bank account statements if any ! Good luck
  7. CappuccinoMo

    visa tourist

    it can't be a cause for denial but it won't guarantee a Visa, i myself had the experience, working for a us company. @Salma DaniyalAll i can say about Tourist visa in morocco and with all the experiences i hear at work and from my friends the very strong tie to show Officer is being married and better with kids, as you said they won't look at any documents when they know you are married and have kids. when single, lot of questions appear and they really go into details! good luck, i myself work for us company no money problem, 10 Schengen Visas and they denied my application
  8. CappuccinoMo

    Mistake on DS-260-Worried

    You will be fine, and they will not ask for anything! Just relax please and take your time! I’m Moroccan and I can tell as long as he obtained “Clear” on both Court and police records there is nothing to worry about!
  9. CappuccinoMo

    All Docs Uploaded on CEAC?

    Hahah i know what it is when you receive the case number ! it took us 4 days ! Take your time when uploading your documents don’t rush! If you forget smtgh it will just make the process longer good luck
  10. CappuccinoMo

    All Docs Uploaded on CEAC?

    what about now? do you have access to CEAC ? hope you do!!
  11. CappuccinoMo

    Hello from Pakistan

    lucky you, i am waiting for my day like crazy, i am here at the office counting my days !! 6 weeks leave notice
  12. CappuccinoMo

    cry gave back passport

    So they should wait for the email and see what the embassy says, it could be the Famous DS5535 or they may ask him to send his passport to ARAMEX with additional documents, or maybe Casablanca Consulate changed the process. so let's wait for the email and keep us informed. any additional information about their situation ? first time applying ? age gap? how many visits ? religion difference ? supporting themselves or do they have a joint sponsor ? Good luck to them
  13. imo you have a solid case and as stated before you had this +++ point meeting face to face and not online i would suggest you to be honest about your family situation, or if they changed their mind about your relationship go to the interview with a letter stating their new feeling if they stick to first impression ,well time can change them! did you have an engagement party ? yaani small celebration ? your family attended ? lot of cases are put under AP K1 Or CR1 visa! so just prepare your interview and question generally asked for K1 visa, be concise and honest, don"t go over with your answers, straight and precise! Don't use your visitor Visa please while processing your application! be patient, do things as they ask and you'll be fine Good luck and relax, as long as your relationship is legitimate you can't worry that much !
  14. CappuccinoMo

    How to register Casablanca Morocco

    You have all instructions on the Interview Appointment email you received from NVC, here is the link, you have to create an account, just follow the instructions : 1 / https://nvc.state.gov/interview 2 / https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/interview/interview-prepare.html 3 / https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/CSB--Casablanca.pdf 4 / click hit Register Button You can translate the website into Spanish !