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    Mar 01, 2018  : I-129F Packet sent

    Mar 05, 2018   :   NOA1 old website (https://egov.uscis.gov)

    Mar 08, 2018   :   NOA1 new website (https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/)

    Sep 13, 2018   :   NOA2 via email notification (192 days from NOA1)

    Sep 17, 2018   :   NOA2 hard copy received

    Sep 26, 2018   :   NVC received case (13 days from NOA2)

    Sep 28, 2018   :   NVC case number over the phone

    Oct 01, 2018   :   Paid visa fee at BPI, Filled DS-160, Registered online for St. Lukes medical

    Oct 4&5, 2018 :   Completed medical at St. Lukes Medical Center

    Oct 16, 2018   :   NVC Left

    Oct 18, 2018 : Status changed to Ready

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  1. JL2017

    Didn't receive SSN card

    Thank you, we will go back there as soon as we get her EAD or GC. That is why we were so concerned about the card that we never received. Hopefully, it was not shipped at all.
  2. JL2017

    Didn't receive SSN card

    Thank you. Not anymore, her I-94 expired Feb 12. She already have the number but we never received the card. Yes we just sent the forms today for GC, EAD and Travel Document. So we can request for update of name and correct her first name once we receive the EAD or whichever comes first? We are concerned that somebody else received the card?? We live in an apartment complex, we were told to either check the post office or the management if they by any chance received the card.
  3. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. We applied for her SSN a week after her arrival (after Thanksgiving) in the US. We were told to call if we didn't hear from them after 4 weeks. So we waited and did not set the wedding date since we thought we needed it for marriage license application. We did not receive anything in the mail so we called January 9th and were told that it has been sent but since her name is not on the mailbox then it was probably returned and shredded but we can go to the office and they can give the number. We went, were given the number and were told a different story - it wasnt sent at all and needed a supervisor's approval before it would be sent out. Went home with the number and put her name on the mailbox. We never receive anything so we went back to the office after our wedding, Jan 28 and was told by a different employee that she cannot check what the status of the card anymore and at this point there's nothing that we can do - we cant request for replacement nor update her name until she has her LPR card. We called the number on SSA website week after and worst, they spelled her name wrong! We need your advice on what to do at this point: should we just wait for her LPR card and update her last name and correct the first name? or update her first name now? would this be a problem if the card was indeed sent out and somebody else received it? or it wasn't shipped at all? we are so confused. No one can confirm if it was or wasnt sent at all. Please help us. Thank you everyone for all your answers.
  4. Hi, We found Send My bag but quite expensive to be honest. We didn't bring much of her clothes thinking we can just buy here but we were having hard time buying clothes that would fit her so we thought of shipping her clothes from the Philippines to here instead. Can you recommend any? Thanks.
  5. Im sure it will be delivered soon. Ours got stuck on Ready status after the interview so we called today and minutes after we called, it changed to case received to administrative processing to issued. We hope it willl be delivered next week.
  6. We are still bothered with this partial delivery lol our interview would be on the 29th! I hope the two missing are not ours.
  7. I have been tracking DHL and the number of pieces changed from 14 to 12 - OMG does it mean they lost two other pieces/papers? lol this is too much overthinking. Our interview is booked on the 29th.
  8. Our case shows Ready now in CEAC but when I checked DHL, it's still in the US and is expected to be delivered on Monday but we're so happy! This phase is almost over lol
  9. JL2017

    Advance Payment of MRV - PH

    yes - we paid ours rightaway after getting the MNL number.
  10. OMG ours just changed to In Transit too!
  11. JL2017


    That's what you will show to security when you go back tomorrow. Just bring that slip and passport, he will scan your fingerprint then it'll show on his computer if you are for sputum or immunization.
  12. Thank you @Greenbaum we again overthink everything lol
  13. Hi all, We are K1 but the CD we got after the medical says CR1. Is this just the code they use or do we have to let them correct this? We just noticed this right now. Thank you everyone.
  14. I also read about this from Facebook groups that they were asked to reschedule because they couldnt present this letter. I wonder if this is only for a certain type of visa. Keep us posted @Mark & Angelina