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  1. We received the copy-scanned of approved I-129F too from The Embassy in Indonesia. They attached it with the P3 email 😊
  2. Do you apply for K1 and K2 visa for the beneficiary's children? I think 01 and 02 means that. CMIIW
  3. Oh I see, that makes sense. We thought so too but he didn't make enough to reach the 100% or 125% of the poverty level in 2017 because he just worked for 3 months in 2017. He was in grad school for most of 2017. But thankfully he made it above poverty level in 2018 So that's why we think we want to send both, along with pay stubs and letter of employment, so they will be matched--just in case
  4. Hi @Greenbaum thank you. That's exactly the same email I received 2 days ago Thank you @Laras.D Thank you @Greenbaum my fiance will try to file as soon as possible before Feb 2019 and will also try to retrieve IRS Tax Transmittal by the end of Jan 2019 if he hasn't filed. I am so antsy lol
  5. Hi Laras. I was wondering the same question too because I plan to schedule the interview on February 2019. Can I get the link of the forum? Because the instructions they sent me only mention one year current tax documents and didn't mention about 2017 or 2018. I'm curious too but our current plan is bring my fiance's 2018 tax documents because he just started working on Oct 2017.
  6. Glad to find Indonesian fellows here. I suggest you to wait until you receive the email from the embassy. They will email the petitioner first then they will email the beneficiary. When the status is ready on CEAC website, it means they have received the soft copy (scanned) of your approved petition. Mine was ready since Dec 13, and my fiance got email from the embassy on Dec 21, then they email me (P3) on Dec 26. According to DHL tracking trick, it said that the case has arrived in Jakarta on Dec 17 though. So, it's good to wait rather than annoy them by sending their email. Because they receive so many emails asking for the same information. While waiting your fiance can schedule the medical check up and fill DS 160 & preparing other documents. Just a thought. You can message me if you want me to share the instructions from US Embassy in Jakarta-Indonesian P3 😊
  7. I checked the website yesterday on 12/11/2018 and found out that NVC has sent case to the Embassy in Jakarta (In Transit). This Morning I checked again on the website and 12/13/2018 - CEAC Status : Ready!! Good luck everyone!! We are getting closer to the next step!
  8. My fiance called NVC today at 7 pm (EST) and we got our case number. He was put on hold for 10 minutes. NOA2 - 11/05/2018 NVC Received - 11/19/2018 Case number assigned - 12/03/2018 In Indonesia we can book the medical check up using case number then we have to wait until the embassy sends email to the beneficiary before we can schedule the interview (reply their email and ask for the interview date that they will provide). Don't lose hope to those who are still waiting, keep calling at least once a week. We have called them twice before they gave us case number and been told to wait 8 weeks though 😅
  9. Wow. That's very fast! Congratulations!!🎉🎉
  10. Whoops, I mean they are closed on Dec 5 😂 Yes. every embassy is different, but it's nice to be updated with people who have the same timeline. Good luck to you!
  11. Hey @LarryHickman It's been a month (30 days) since we received our NOA 2. We have called NVC twice and send them an email and they have received our case on Nov 19. We were told to wait for 8 weeks and call them again if we haven't heard anything. We kinda have the same timeline or plan😃. I hope that Indonesian embassy will receive our case before Christmas and I can do medical check up January early, then will do the interview before February ends! Indonesian Embassy is closed on Nov 5 because of National day of Mourning for the funeral of former President George HW Bush. So all federal offices will be closed. Hopefully all of us will hear soon from them and we get our case number!
  12. Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉So happy for you! The longest waiting's over! Hope all of April fillers will get approved soon!
  13. Probably they will send your approval through the snail mail just like @AmandaandChayne. Just wait and check your mailbox everyday! Hope you'll receive the approval soon! Good luck!🙏
  14. Hello everyone. I'm so glad that there is this thread, thanks @Greenbaum. My fiance received text message and then we check on the old site and it said our case was approved.🎉 NOA 1 (old website) : April 25, 2018 NOA 2 (old website) : Nov 6, 2018
  15. Thank you @DaveAndAnastasia!