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  1. Curious to what has happened to your case and if she has visited and the 2 of u have decided to continued the process by following the advice given on your NOIR post (not to appeal but to get the offical marriage document,  more time together,  evidence of commingling fiances ,  etc,)   Actually best if the USC joined the group and we helped her thru the process if she decided to continue the relaionship

  2. hey i have sad story after my interview my case send back to uscis fir review and they send me noir after i aswered the noir my status change to revocation notice was sent and they give me 30 day to appeal i dont khow i should appeal or file new case i went to lawyer and he said we cand appeal and file new case in the same time this is the letter the uscis send it to me what shoud i do give up and ask my wife live to come to me or appeal or file new case please help
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