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  1. First regional officer will ask for all the documents original with copies post that interview will be taken by American officer very pleasant experience interview lasted about 5 mins and around 12 questions were asked all the answer were one word/statement very reasonable questioning I would say
  2. Visa approved 💃🏼🍾 thank you for all your support and help during the whole NVC procedure to interview... much appreciated
  3. Visa approved 💃🏼🍾 thank you for all your support and help during the whole NVC procedure to interview... much appreciated
  4. I would suggest you to call them I remember one of the scenario jus like this however as per new rule you cannot take interview without medical and best is to reschedule Not 100% sure on that confirm it before rescheduling or getting forward with current date interview
  5. PCC from Passport office should be enough however many people took from both I didn't
  6. Interview date schedule on 26th April
  7. Congratulations!! finally this process is over
  8. From home country any other country you have stayed for more than 6 months. PCC is needed from all those countries
  9. HATE this waiting game!! Interview date - 06/15
  10. Original PCC is with embassy which is forwarded to NVC, they're co-ordinated And during interview they don't need copy of PCC only original which is already with embassy. I've already got CC and interview date Just waiting for interview in coming month.
  11. I was in NZ for 2 years and I've gone through this process its really simple just fill out the form and email it to them and within 3 working days they would forward your NZ PCC report to embassy directly Mine took24 hrs only
  12. congratulations May I know why did you get 221g? and when did you get it?
  13. it sounds about right however I spoke to my lawyer and he mentioned that if person sponsoring me my husband files federal income tax separately and my mother in law who's sponsoring me have high salary way surpassing required limit and stay in same house then I-864a is not supposed to be filed. I'm just little confused however I really don't know much it is really confusing Let me know what your agent have to say. Thank you
  14. The income is sufficient I was wondering in my case we just have is I-864 forms from husband and mother in law who reside In same house and sufficient income Was just wondering if I would need I-864a still from my father in law or not Thank you though