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  1. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    California is being very random as well... there's no way to know how they are working this out
  2. clearly I meant the first four digits lol...
  3. weird that some CA cases are transfering to VSC.. what's your WAC?
  4. no problem! seems like movement only started on 44s on Jan 11 so hopefully you're about to get some good news soon
  5. potentially good news for you, I checked 44 for you and yesterday there were 50 approvals, way more then any other day I've checked! Maybe they'll keep coming today. There were 2 so far this morning already. here: (it's sorted by the movement date on the right, not case number)
  6. I checked WAC18058s and over 20 got approved yesterday only
  7. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    cool, looks like they start early!
  8. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    nice, thanks! did the update only change today or yesterday?
  9. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    interested! whats the WAC#?
  10. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    wow thats awesome! does it say Jan 14 or 15? I wonder how updated are posted that early, if I imagine they are not even working at that time
  11. I dont see that on my app either.. I'm using Android.. anyone else?
  12. CharlieBrown

    November 2017 I-751 Filers

    awesome, did it change this morning?