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  1. well friends, another week..... good luck to you all.....
  2. there are several of us in the same boat as you are..... hang in there.
  3. definitely move to a place in where you can get a good job. you are going to work in that career for your entire life and the sooner you develop it the better. What is 6 more months (just to assume a number) in your greencard waiting process vs missing out on that perfect job that will grow you as a professional.
  4. For all of you that are going to the oath ceremony, first of all, congratulations. Second, how accurate are the completion time shown in myuscis.com ? Thanks
  5. Oh wow, that gives me hope!!! Good to know and congratulations on your approval and upcoming oath
  6. I am afraid that is the case based on what the lady told me.
  7. Same story for me here. CSC filler July 19th. I got sent to Lee summit and it went quiet. I called last week the USCIS phone number and asked what is going on. They explained that my case is not in Lee Summit, it is in my local office here in Orlando, the reason that it says Lee Summit according to the USCIS lady is because it went to Lee Summit before sending it to Orlando, but she confirmed in the computer that the case has been received here. As far as processing, she said that it will be processed with the N400 which is in freaking October at the moment according to the N400 timeline. So.... no much hope for me other than somehow things get expedited
  8. Well... here we go, another week. Good luck to everyone.
  9. have you heard of people that file before you and I and that are getting interviews already? I am wondering how accurate is that October date in myuscis.com.
  10. Nice!!!! I am still waiting. good luck on your appointment
  11. Hello @Jamorales1985 just wanted to check with you if you have had any progress. you and I have similar timeline and both from Orlando.
  12. here we go...... another week...... good luck y'all
  13. just got the same email..... so frustrating!!!
  14. do you think we are going to get bundled with the N400 interview? the 6 month additional extension is close to expiring.
  15. I-751 was July 19 of 2017 N-400 was September 1st 2018. Transferred to new office in December 21st of 2018. quite ever since.