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  1. Awesome, congratulations! I've been waiting for your report to see if there is hope for same day oath for those who have their interviews early in the morning. Thank you for keeping my hope alive!
  2. USCIS has a page for their office closing which seems to be updating regularly. Seattle office was closed this Monday, and @Hollyday had a bad luck to confirm it, see this post. Also, Seattle office has this warning on their page: "Offices sometimes close because of bad weather or unexpected events. During bad weather, call 206-965-4411 before traveling to make sure we are open."
  3. I got the following email from USCIS this afternoon: " Dear USCIS account holder, Due to a recent email outage, we were unable to send notices about case updates. We have fixed the problem, but to ensure you have the latest information on your case status, please log into your USCIS online account. " It explains why I never received an email notification about my interview (and makes me feel safer 😅) . I wonder if any other Seattle filers were affected.
  4. I don't think it's ever taken Seattle office nearly that long to schedule an oath. The longest interview-to-oath time period in the timelines section for Seattle is about 5 weeks.
  5. I hope it won't take them more than a couple weeks to schedule your oath! My interview is at 7:15AM (probably the earliest time available) so I'm still hoping for same day oath.
  6. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your experience! One thing that's disappointing to me is that they didn't schedule your oath right away; I thought same day or next day oath was their way to do it. What did you reply to the question about international travel?
  7. My interview notice just showed up online 😅 the interview is scheduled for February 26th early morning, so I really hope I will have same day oath (if everything goes smoothly, of course).
  8. Thanks, I know, and I have found other reports of email notifications missing, so I am not worried much anymore, but it's never good to be an exception with USCIS...
  9. I just figured out my account wasn't set up for texts. I was getting emails though, even those bi-weekly ones... Checked everywhere: spam, junk, etc.; no email like yours. Well, I guess it's no big deal, but I expect a notice with a date to show up online soon since they (hopefully) did the scheduling yesterday...
  10. I finally logged in to my account, and it now says they scheduled my interview!!! What an emotional roller-coaster! Thanks everyone!!! Update: the date of the update on my account page is January 22nd. I haven't received any texts or emails, and there is no letter in the Documents tab. Should I be worried?
  11. Nothing unique. When did you guys receive your emails, and what do they look like? To say I'm worried now is to say nothing...
  12. Hmmm, I thought they were doing it in order, I am a November 30th filer and haven't received anything yet...
  13. ALL Seattle filers from November and December of 2017 have seen this, and probably many more filers from other offices. What it means is those estimated times and countdowns on the USCIS website are garbage of very limited practical use.
  14. Processing time for Seattle office has decreased to 15-17 months! And it happened after more than 2 months with not a single record about a scheduled interview. Mind blown.
  15. No, it isn't time for an infopass. You can do it, but the result is guaranteed to be a useless robo-message about being in line for interview. Seattle office is on its way become the slowest and least consistent office in the country (if not there yet). Take a look at this topic.