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  1. Works for me now; shows 3 packages being shipped to Kyiv, Ukraine (one of them must be yours, @wintermute10), but the status is "Shipment information received" 🙁
  2. Here is what the CEAC website says about the Application Receipt / Petition Number field of the DS-160 form: Help: Application Receipt/Petition Number Your application receipt/petition number was given to you by the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) after you filed your petition application at a USCIS Service Center. The application receipt/petition number is 13 characters long and the first three characters are letters. WAC number is the only number given after filing a petition at a USCIS service center...
  3. I don't know what the RFE is about yet, so I was just guessing. I did include separate intent letters, so that shouldn't be a problem. If it is indeed about more proof of meeting in person, I will definitely get all I can get from the first 2 trips. I am just wondering whether I can use my new trip that happened after I submitted the application since I have much more convincing evidence about that one...
  4. Got a notification about RFE from the new site, from yesterday's date . The old site still shows Case was received... I suggest my printed airline tickets and photos weren't good enough. I didn't keep any boarding passes from the two trips I did before I submitted the I-129F. I wasn't a US citizen at that time, so I entered Ukraine as its citizen, therefore no passport stamps either. We do have passports stamps from a third country (Georgia); not sure if that's enough... I had another visit after I submitted the petition, and I kept everything from that one. Does anyone know whether it is OK to submit evidence dated after the petition date, for RFE purposes?
  5. Congratulations! Was March 4 your receipt date or notice date? Mine are March 1 and March 6 respectively...
  6. Did you try the numbers posted by @TandClaudia on page 24? Worked for me (unfortunately, I was told there are no updates for my case...). Emailing USCIS will always result in their standard reply about 7 months processing time.
  7. OMG, I can't even imagine how frustrating it is to be waiting since October while seeing other people approved in less than 60 days 🤬 This K-1 process is a completely new level of unfairness to me because there is absolutely no logic in it. When I had to wait for my own naturalization in Seattle for 15 months while another office in the same state processed applications in 5 months, it was painful but explainable (different number of applications per office, etc.). But variance of 300% within the same office is unexplainable. Some people say it's because background checks take different amounts of time. Well, I submitted my I-129F next day after going through a naturalization interview where USCIS supposedly did all kinds of background checks on me. Are they now doing more checks? I'm not buying it. The only explanation I can see is they randomly pull numbers out of a bag.
  8. You sent your inquiries after less than two months of waiting. You knew there were people waiting in line. One thing is to be enraged at the government, but another is trying to jump the line, generating noise for the already clogged government response system, only to trigger their semi-robotic replies. Even if your approval was sped up by several days, it only happened at someone else's expense. Congratulations!
  9. Congratulations! Did you get a notification, checked on website, or was it paper mail? My NOA1 has receipt date 3/1/19, but notice date is 3/6/19. The old site shows the former date, and the new site shows the latter 🤔 Anyway, it's getting close!
  10. I couldn't find a mailed copy of my notice, so I printed it on my home printer with best quality available, but the barcode just didn't look right. So the lady at the check-in desk couldn't scan it, and I had to apologize for the extra typing work I gave her 😔 . Maybe your printer is better than mine though 😀
  11. I was approved! Oath is today at 2:30 pm. Looks like the 10am one is not possible for the same day because the interview was done at 8:05am. I arrived at the parking lot at 6:40, stayed in the car till 6:55 (looks like I could've come in earlier, my queue number was P9, and there were already about 30 people in the waiting room). Was called in at 7:40. The whole thing took less than half an hour. Very nice and professional officer. I was worried about my exception (I don't bear arms for religious reasons), but it caused no problems, just had to explain in a few words. The sentence to read was Where is the US capital? and I wrote an answer. Don't remember all the test questions, but I answered 6 out of 6 correctly. Be careful when writing, don't touch the screen with your hand
  12. Thanks, will do. Interestingly enough, my interview is at 7:15am, but USCIS website says their working hours start st 8am 🤔
  13. Awesome, congratulations! I've been waiting for your report to see if there is hope for same day oath for those who have their interviews early in the morning. Thank you for keeping my hope alive!
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