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  1. Sorry, I get anxious easily and panic, you're totally right. I'm gonna calm down and start seeing what we can actually gather. Thank you!
  2. I came in May, not a year yet. And also needed social security to open joint bank account which I got with the EAD in December (filed for social security in the EAD application) so technically I've had 2 months of time to open the bank, christmas time made us not think about this stuff hence we we're gonna open in February. I realize this mistake. Thanks. I'm worried.
  3. So, I just randomly checked my USCIS today, I barely ever do as it is waaay too early to hear anything back (should be in august by the earliest judging by average times) but my status had changed today to Interview scheduled, what! I'm freaking out. I'm worried about the evidence, we have yet to file taxes jointly since.. well tax thing just started and we haven't opened a joint bank account yet because we didn't feel to be in a rush, so basically all the "evidence" of relationship we have is our wedding pictures, and some couples pictures we've taken since we got married in June... is that enough? I've heard that you're supposed to have joint bank accounts, and taxes and bla bla but.. as I said, wasn't expecting anything til august, and we we're gonna open the bank this month, I just got my EAD in December. Any advice, am I good to go with the pictures only, how much evidence is necessary and should we just go ahead and get joint bank account now or does it look weird since we opened it once we got the interview? How worried do I need to be? Thanks in advance!
  4. I got our NOA text messages at like 10pm, so very late. You'll get yours any minute now! 😊
  5. Just got bombarded with text messages from USCIS! NOA1 date on AOS is today 09.09 but EAD is 08.21! Finally I can breathe 😁
  6. Thanks! Just feels bad having it expire before getting NOA from AOS, trying not to worry about it. 😊
  7. AOS filed to Chicago lockbox: Sent: 8.19.2019 Received: 8.21.2019 Still nothing 🙁 i-94 K1 expired 8.28.2019
  8. Yeah I do mean stay indoors, haha. Not planning on leaving the country. Thank you! 😊
  9. Hello! It's been a minute since I posted here, but I noticed something today.. We sent in all the paperwork for AOS 8.19 and UPS showed it as delivered on 8.21 so it's been 7 days. I had a weird feeling about something being wrong suddenly so I checked the copy of the application I made and I noticed I missed to tick yes or no on 2 check boxes...😐(somehow, after checking the application twice after sending it in... paperwork makes my head spin I guess) . Anyone else had this happen and can tell me what happens now, will I get an RFE? I tried googling and got spooked by results like USCIS no longer needs to give an RFE just a denial. Will I get the paperwork get sent back so I can correct it? That's what happened when we had an error on the check for our I-129F earlier.. Also another question, my K1 visa expired now on 8.25, so 4 days after USCIS received my application. I'm assuming I'm now out of status and technically overstaying since the AOS isn't processing yet? And is it a good idea to try and stay inside until it is? I'm scared of messing something up and getting deported because my visa expired, lol. Anyway, thankful for any help. Sorry for rambling post but I'm just so tired of this paperwork and can't believe I made a mistake, and scared since visa expired.
  10. Try and calm down, breathe, relax as much as you can. This process is stressful, and speaking from my own experience I know how hard it can be. I've never in my life had as much anxiety as I've had during this process, and some days my anxiety was so crippling I couldn't get out of bed. But in the end it was all worth it, the interview was the scariest thing I've ever done but when I finally got there it was easy as pie, and now that it's all said and done I've never felt better. Hang in there! It's worth it and you'll be together with your loved one in no time. ☺️ 💗
  11. Hello! I had my medical done recently (april 1st) at Sibyllekliniken in Stockholm. I was going to go to the one in Gothenburg after asking here about it first but I could in no way get an appointment with them, their online booking was down for weeks ( I don't know if they've fixed it yet) and I tried calling but the phone lines are full every single day so I gave up and just sent an email to Sibyllekliniken to book an appointment because I was running out of time to start scheduling said medical. Sibyllekliniken got back to me fast with an appointment and sent me some documents with info about the medical. The cost of the medical is 3800kr and then chest X-ray for 600kr. The X-ray is done at Unilabs röntgen Sophiahemmet (about 13 minute walk from the medical) and they have drop-in from 8 am, so just go there before you go to the medical. The medical was just fine, doctor (Jan Arlestig) seemed to be in a bit of a rush tho but was friendly and made me feel at ease during the whole thing, and he did a thorough exam and felt like he really made sure he did the medical correctly. After that I was told to go across the street to get my blood sample taken at the lab and hand in my urine sample. All in all, I'd recommend Sibyllekliniken! Can't speak for the one in Gothenburg other than getting an appointment there seemed impossible.
  12. Sharing my update in this thread aswell. Had my interview yesterday, april 11th, and it was approved! So happy. 🤗 Wishing everyone else waiting for their interviews best of luck.
  13. Hey guys, had my interview yesterday. Approved! Also, they just took the pictures when they asked for my documents and said nothing about them, so they worked just fine. 😊
  14. Hello, so I got my interview this week and went to the photographer today to get my passport style photos taken that is required for the interview. Now the american size isn't standard here so it took awhile to get them, and when I did get the photos they were uncut as in I had to cut them myself - which I did... Was trying to be super careful but I still messed it up and they are cut slightly wonky, and one side might be a mm too short. Just asking how strict are they? Am I fine with bringing these 2 pictures - that are aaaalmost straight, slightly off or should I go get new ones taken again? Sigh. Thanks for any advice.
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