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  1. I heard from my fiance that I could be let in UA because I have a legal son there in UA. I will try to go to UA in June.
  2. I have nothing of legal status for ukraine. I am just a tourist.
  3. I am usc, my son is usc thru crba, my fiance was at the last step to schedule k1-interview at the embassy and corona outbreak came. I really need to go back to Ukraine, I want to be with them at this time of pandemic.
  4. I need to go to Ukraine . I am New Jersey right now. My fiance and son is in Ukraine. I plan on flying on first part of June. is there voluntary or mandatory quarantina? I still see flights being sold for Ukraine. please share all you know.
  5. What about k1? We were about to schedule embassy interview, Outbreak happened. We even have the medical exam. Soon it's going to expire. We are engaged and we have a son. We did crba and got him USA passport last year. Can my fiance still come to USA?
  6. Due to Covid 19, we are scared to schedule and scared go to Kiev to attend k1 visa interview. I know that all interviews are cancelled. Our application is going to expire on April 22. I read somewhere that I could send an email to Kiev embassy and ask for extension. Do you guys know the email address to send an email to? Do you know how to word the email message? Thank you all. I wish all of you happy and healthy days ahead. Below is our NOA2
  7. As I am trying to gather financial support documents, I may have to schedule our interview date later than april 22nd. How does the April 22nd date affect me in this case? we had medical exam done on February 13th. I know medical exam has 6 months validity. Thank you. Below is our noa2
  8. Hello, I am the petitioner. i got a case number, invoice id number, and did submit the ds 160. I did schedule the medical exam. now I checked my ceac account and saw that I had two "ready" Question 1 : what does two "ready" mean? Question 2: where do i pay the fees? i don't have a link to pay the fees. Thank you for your time and answers.
  9. Quick re-cap hello, I am the petitioner for k1 we got noa2 on December 23, 2019, I called nvc and got the case number and invoice id number. Yesterday , February 1st, 2020, we submitted ds160. I am kinda lost at the moment. What is next for us? I don't know. Is there anything else I should do now? Do I wait for NVC to send my application to embassy? Is there anything I could do to expedite the process?
  10. Sir, Thank you for your answer. but I think Kiev is not my agent. ??? please look at sentences with green underline. Red arrow pointed link takes me to a page where I did file our ds160.
  11. Question 1 : hello, I am the petitioner for k1 we got noa2 on December 23, 2019, I called nvc and got the case number and invoice id number. yesterday , February 1st, 2020, we submitted ds160. Now, I don't know what p3 is , but Greenbaum tells me to ask for it for kiev US embassy. @Greenbaum Question 2 : did I just chose the "Agent" by sumitting ds160?
  12. did you get invoice id number that will be used to assign an agent to the case? how did you get this, from snail mail or by calling NVC? I am talking about the first of 6 steps that is done after receiving the NOA2.
  13. I called NVC non-immigration section. I got the case number. However for the next step, choosing agent , I also need to the Invoice ID Number . i will call NVC again and try to get the Invoice ID Number .
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