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  1. Ahh that is so awesome! So how was it with the medical? I assume ACRO is pretty easy.. My fiance cannot locate his medical as he just doesn't go to the doctor. His old doc died and he has not been back to NHS in FOREVER. I know the instructions say if you cannot find your old records tell the medical panel, and they will more than likely give you ALL shots. What do u think? Interview sounded easy. I am wondering if we need affidavit if we sent this in with the original petition?
  2. Congrats lady! I read your experience.. I am so excited.. I saw that you wrote about fingerprints.. do these come with ACRO police record?
  3. How was it at the London embassy and getting things done there? Quick, easy, stress free?
  4. Wonderful news! Congrats again! LOVE does out last this process
  5. Thanks so much! I read the review on your TL, was really helpful .. SOOOOOOO EXCITED for you
  6. How was the interview? Any tips on the questions? CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSS!!!
  7. Congratulations!!! Please tell me how the medical and interview went.. How many questions and what type did you get?
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