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  1. Top gear and Susie-- I applied for my and my son's passports at the same time. Got mine after 2 weeks, and then a followup letter from the visa office asking for a ton of supplemental documents for my son's visa processing. I got his passport eventually, and all pertinent documents were returned.
  2. Hi everyone, need help for a family member. She was interviewed for spousal visa and got this letter (attached). No 221g provided. I am confused. What does this mean? Some background: She felt the visa interview was really going well until someone handed the consul a folder (she thinks it was from the "prescreen"?). The consul abruptly concluded the interview and told her she was missing a "seminar". Confused, she asked Window 74 as instructed, and found out that it was "CENOMAR". So obviously she lost the opportunity to clarify the Cenomar requirement with the consul. Questions: 1) How can a married person obtain a CENOMAR?!? 2) Why was there no pink slip or 221g form? The letter that she was given instead-- what is it called, what does this mean? Administrative processing? 3) Can anyone share the steps to submit documents via 2GO-- the instructions are not very clear ie no address was provided in the letter. Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. As shown in the snapshot above, CEAC shows that the status is under Administrative Processing. She's never had her interview so we're confused of the real status and next steps. The explanation for AP seems very generic however this statement certainly doesn't apply: "please see the letter received at the interview..." since she has not had the interview yet. Before the TB treatment, the last step she remembers was submitting all the documents needed (NVC provided a case number barcode cover sheet) and receiving an email asking for the police clearance wrt their residency in Japan. She was told to bring it on her interview. So I mean it seems like she just needs to pickup from where she left off and setup an interview, but what about all those documents that they took from her prior? Plus, how to explain the "AP" status??? I thought AP meant post-interview decision. Ugh. So confusing, so frustrating. Her husband is in active duty and very scarcely available to proactively guide. We've been trying to call the support number to no avail. Don't even know if they will talk to me as I'm neither the applicant nor the petitioner 😕
  4. Administrative Processing, last updated Oct 3, 2019. 😐
  5. Hey Hank, how would someone know if their case file is already forwarded to USEM after their remedical? Also, in this scenario when the applicant calls the USEM for interview appointment, how can they request the soonest possible schedule? I assume that some of the documents she had ~8months ago need to be updated before her interview (she was ready for the interview then, and got sidetracked by TB), or will USEM admit those documents, considering the TB setback?
  6. Unfortunately a family member applying for a spousal visa tested positive for TB and had to go trough the 6-month treatment at St. Lukes. Now that it's over, what is the next step for her and/or her petitioning spouse? Does she schedule her visa interview with the US Embassy? If so, how? She mentioned something expiring by Dec 4th, could this be the window she needs to be in the US or she has to go through everything again? I have no clue but this TB treatment seemed to have thrown off what they had going.
  7. New citizen from AZ here 👋👋👋 ServiceArizona website keeps erroring out without explanation. I might try to register by mail, but just wondering what the deal is.
  8. The Department of State website does not require sole custody but "physical and legal custody". For people with court documents stating they have sole custody it makes it an automatic proof of both legal+physical custody.
  9. Thanks for the response. Interesting, in my case they specifically asked for tax records, medical and school records. I have those but only copies which I guess I could get notarized. The only other document I have is his birth certificate declaring me, and me alone, as parent. I'm desperate for ideas, as I cannot afford a lawyer or a USCIS N600 certificate of citizenship (it is currently around $1200 now!)
  10. Hi OP, I see that this is an old thread so this is a long shot but.... What evidence did you provide to meet the "physical custody" part of the requirement? I believe they honored your son's birth certificate as evidence of "legal/sole custody". For me they are wanting more proofs such as tax records, medical, school, etc. Did you have to send in those or did your explanation for the birth certificate made it suffice to meet the whole "physical and legal custody" criteria?
  11. Hi VisaJourney experts. I have some questions regarding my minor son's passport application. Some background: I submitted my and my son's passport applications together on Aug 23rd, 2019. Both applications would need my original naturalization certificate so the intake office clipped the 2 folders together with a coverletter. Yesterday I got a notification that MY application was approved. A couple hours later another notification that it was shipped. Today I got this email saying MY SON's application needs more documents. A couple of hours later I got a new notification that MY application is approved. I called the hotline (National Passport Information Service) but they said the "processing office" in San Diego will have to call me back for the clarifications I am needing. I waited all day and have not heard back. They basically have a bullet list of 3 things (attached and marked for emphasis). Req#1 (greencard) -- not a problem. Req#2 (evidence of legal separation of "PARENTS" and custody decree) -- I am not sure if I can claim this as "NOT APPLICABLE". My son's birth certificate bears only my name and father is indicated explicitly as "Unknown". I was married when my son was 9 yrs old, but we didn't adopt him. My status now is divorced, but the divorce decree with my ex does not have any custody clause as he was neither my son's biological nor adoptive father. My son is only mine since birth. Req#3 (evidence of legal and physical custody after entry to the US as permanent resident and before he is 18yo) So here are my questions: 1) Would Req#2 be N/A ? 2) Would Req#3 also have to be originals or would notarized copies suffice? 3) Will I need documents to cover ALL our years as permanent resident until my recent naturalization? That's a lot of documents. Can I just send the latest? 4) TBH I'm not even sure what constitutes an "original tax record", "original school record", or "original medical record". Ugh I hope someone here can help. Any help at all is appreciated.
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