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  1. When my husband "crossed" back into the US after receiving his Visa approval, at the border checkpoint, he was asked if he had paid the visa fee (he had). The border agent (I don't know the actual title of this person), somewhat lectured the immigrant group of needing to pay the fee, though he (agent), never asked to see proof if my husband had paid the fee or not. I would advise to pay the fee before crossing the border, and also taking a screen shot of the confirmation page as proof. One last thing, I paid my husband's visa fee via my smartphone and the page where we paid was not compatible with Google Chrome. I had to download and install FireFox on my phone in order to actually pay the fee via the website. Hope this helps
  2. Don't be worried. Everything takes a long time. Its just part of the process. You will get through it. Just keep calling every week or so and checking your spam email folders.
  3. HI @Hirotoyoto' Sorry for the delay in response. I did (as the petitioner) receive a copy of EVERYTHING. Also, we did not have a lawyer on file (we did this portion of the process ourselves), so it may be different in your case if you have a lawyer on file. I do recall that my husband as the beneficiary (living here with me in the US), did not receive any information. I received all the info and just forwarded it to his email address. I would contact NVC and make sure they have your email address on file. :) I hope this helps! God bless you on your journey. It will all be worth it once this is behind you.
  4. Check out this forum (link below). Some folks are saying it has taken them 6 months from Case Complete (CC) to interview date. For my husband (I am the USC), it took us 4 months from CC to interview in Juarez. CDJ is the busiest consulate so prepare to wait. I see/saw that you are IR1/CR1. It might be helpful to join the other forums, where individuals all "wait" together and encourage each other. My husband's interview was late May and he returned back to US in early June. Hope this helps.
  5. Ahh, ok. I was wondering about what was the actual "trigger." Thanks for the information. 🙂
  6. Yep. My husband got his SS card in about two weeks after his approved interview and his GC, 3 weeks and 3 days.
  7. CONGRATS!!! We had to wait 5 days total, including the date of the actual interivew. My husband's interview/approval was on Tuesday morning 5/29/18 and email/tracking number received Saturday morning (6/2/18). So from Tues-Saturday. I received an email (bc I set up his account and all) and it had the "tracking number." Take that tracking number to the "fingerprint place" or where ever you selected to have your packet delivered and they will give you the packet. My husband said at the fingerprint place in CDJ (where we had our packet delivered), they wont even let you in without the tracking number.
  8. Yep, I heard the SS card processing was also hit or miss. Glad ours was a hit, because our local office is always packed. And I checked my husband's Green card and his "resident since date" is the day that I paid the fee, which was also the date he received his visa and passport back (as opposed to date visa was approved).
  9. You can pay the immigrant fee as soon as you pick up your DHL package which contains your passport and visa and some other info. You will need the immigrant's "A number" (also known as the alien number or registration number) and the DOS number (CDJ......, your case number basically). This info is contained on the actual visa. The instructions state to pay the immigrant fee before crossing the border back to USA and that is what I did. When he had to stop at the border before coming back, the agent "lectured" those crossing over about paying the immigrant fee, but never asked for proof. My husband just told the agent that he had already paid. However, I'm not sure if paying is what triggered the card to start being processed, or the crossing of the border after having paid. So yes you can pay and are instructed to pay before crossing, but I don't know if your timeline will be the same as ours since your husband is not crossing immediately. Also, do not follow the link in the packet provided by CDJ on how to pay the immigrant fee. It's wrong. Follow the instructions on the first page of these monthly threads. CDJ appears to be using old and outdated info. More info on my previous posts in this thread. Hope this helps.
  10. Yes we did! I checked on the DS260 that he needed a new card. It came really quickly. I know this part of the process is hit or miss for some. Some people say they get theirs and some say they don't. I also think the SS card came so quickly in our case because my husband had already been assigned a number and had a SS card previously due to us trying the Adjustment of Status process. He had a work permit and SS number/card issued to him, but our AOS was denied which is how we ended up with consulate process. So yes, he already had a number and I put his number and all that info on DS260. When he was approved at consulate, another SS card with the same number arrived. I'm honestly not sure if others also receive their SS cards in the same manner or as quickly.
  11. The details are in this thread. Not sure why my timeline doesnt show Mexico or any of our info. He left states on Thursday 5/24/18 driving. It took 10hrs from central Texas to arrive in CDJ. Bio and fingerprint appts on 5/25(fri), saturday, and Sunday, were free days for him. Monday was Memorial Day and the consulate was closed. His interview was Tuesday, 5/29/18. So in total he stayed a week and a day. He got kicked out of his hotel an had to find another, so be sure to book at least 3-4dys of hotel stay after your interview. We only booked 2 extra days and it was hard to find cheap rooms for his extra days while waiting for visa to arrive. Hope this helps!
  12. Visa took 4 days to receive and yes he waited in Juarez. Interview was on Tuesday, 5/29/18 and DHL tracking email and package received that Saturday morning. Ss card received about a week ago Green card in mail today, 3weeks since interview.😊 Praise God, finally done!!
  13. Husband's green card received in the mail today (6/22/18). It has been 3 weeks and 3 days since his interview in CDJ (Mexico). We tracked the green card and the status via "Check my Status" https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do.
  14. https://www.smf.com.mx/smf_vacunas.html
  15. The "A" number is the "Alien" number. You/your wife can find it on the visa. My husband's is from MX and his was near the middle of the visa on the right hand side.
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