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  1. Midwesterner

    Denied because of Adam Walsh

    Yes it was transferred to Vermont after sitting from the first service center for about 10 months. We did diy when we filed our papers. When we received an rfe that's the time we contacted a lawyer to pull his court record of a case that was expunged with no conviction. That was his only other court case. The other one was when he won the child custody case against his ex-fiance. Other than that, there really is nothing that we could think of. He's not in any sex offender databases nor did he establish any sexual relation with a minor.
  2. Midwesterner

    Denied because of Adam Walsh

    Is there anyway to know what the adjudicator may have found to have made that decision? Also, the AWA case that you've mentioned earlier, was his story posted on this website?
  3. Midwesterner

    Denied because of Adam Walsh

    The thing is he never had any conviction. Even the lawyer we hired said so. My husband's job runs a stringent background check. Any conviction that would reflect on his record would disqualify him from the job. I wish it were that easy to move to another country. Thank you for your suggestion though.
  4. Midwesterner

    Denied because of Adam Walsh

    We've been married for four years and have talked about it on and off for a long time. Unfortunately, it isn't an option for us right now. With his son still in middle school and his job, it would be difficult for him to move here. My step-son spent two summers to see how he is going to like it but the tropic is too harsh for him.
  5. Hi All, Our application was recently denied because of Adam Walsh. My husband submitted all the needed documents except the psych eval. He spoke with an immigration lawyer and the lawyer told him to get it done asap. We were given two options. Either to appeal our case to the BIA or refile. Now, my husband and I are weighing which is the better action to take. Has anyone been to this route before? Your response would be highly appreciated.