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  1. Married!!!! Now on to AOS!
  2. BananaButton5

    POE Question

    Here’s the update. We did not have to collect our bags first. Once we got to the customs area they went and got our bags for us for the check and then put them back, we never had to see them again until we got them at baggage claim at our final destination and there was a paper in each one stating it had been checked. As for the actual processing of the K1 we only had a one hour and 45 minute lay over and we figured we would miss it, but it ended up only taking thirty minutes to get through the K1 processing and I was able to stay with him the whole time. It was all smooth except for the officer processing the visa made my fiancé very uncomfortable by saying weird things about how he must have been searching online for an internet girlfriend from the US (we met online) and further gave him grief about wanting to leave Canada. He was very off put by the experience with the officer, but all and all the system they had in place was smooth and effective.
  3. BananaButton5

    POE Question

    Thanks for your reply. I’m getting a lot of mixed messages right now. We called the airport who said we would somehow have to get our checked bags at Tornto before customs but that makes no sense to me since it should just go straight through the connection, I don’t even know how we’d get the checked bags there. Then some people seem to say the checked bags can go all the way through and we just need a list of what’s in them. I’m still pretty confused but we’re just gonna show up and go with the flow.
  4. BananaButton5

    POE Question

    Quick question about POE. Our flight is tomorrow early morning leaving from Ottawa to Toronto and then on to our destination in the US. I see a lot of people saying they had their bags at customs, but we will have checked them at Ottawa to go on to Toronto. Since he won’t go through customs until Toronto we won’t have his baggage at customs. We do have a list of everything in the checked bags and they could search our carry ons. Is this going to present any issues?
  5. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Came for the door and just signed for it. The tracking showed when It was out for delivery but with no specific time.
  6. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Visa in hand! 2 business days after interview. Delivery in Ottawa probably made it a bit faster, but seems like the delivery slow downs are now resolved.
  7. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Good luck to you!!
  8. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    We chose home delivery so we would have the option for escalating it if needed, but yeah looks like it’s speeding up and we won’t need to do that anyway!
  9. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Congrats on your approval as well! And yes we just got the shipment and a delivery date of tomorrow! CEAC also not updates yet for us.
  10. BananaButton5

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    We had interview yesterday. Today we got tracking number but it doesn’t seem to have been sent yet and CEAC is still showing Admin processing. I’m guessing it will get shipped tonight or tomorrow morning.
  11. BananaButton5

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    It was 456 Rue de la Gauchetière! It was nicely decorated, wonderful view of St. Peter’s Basilica and so close to the consulate, only issue for us was that it was a bit noisy at night but it was ok for just the couple nights we stayed. It cost ~$100 per night and parking was available which was nice because we rented a car and drove from Ottawa. It definitely made it easier to be close to the consulate.
  12. BananaButton5

    $$$$ Moving your Stuff to USA from Canada

    We are donating everything he owns basically. He lives in a onebedroom. We are fitting everything into four suit cases and two carry ons and flying it home with the exception of his computer which we are mailing. This is most cost efficient if you can find cheap flights (we have some Air Canada discounts). But I realize that getting rid of everything is not an option for everyone. When we got quotes for uhaul, Pods, or shipping everything it was way too expensive.
  13. BananaButton5

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    My beneficiary had his interview today. We both arrived at 7:30 am, our appointment was at 8:30 but they let us in. We walked because our Airbnb was across the street, it was snowing but we didn’t have to wait outside like some others have mentioned. They gave us our number and list for document order and we were both sent to a smaller room and then went in the elevator upstairs— I’ve seen some people mention only beneficiary goes upstairs but we were both able to. When upstairs we put documents in order while we waited. We were #10 and it took 30 minutes before he was called to the first window where he handed over his papers. We didn’t have a photo copy of birth certificate or passport so he paid $2usd for the photocopies. We waited another 30 minutes and he was called to another room with a window where they asked the interview questions which took 4 minutes total. He said he can’t remember all of them but they asked how we met, what our parents thought about our relationship, when we knew we wanted to get married, what my job is, and when we planned on getting married. He said the interviewer was very nice and even told him at the end it was ok to cry when he teared up. Then he was handed the pink paper and approved! It was stressful but an amazing weight off the shoulders when it was over. All in all it took 1.5hrs
  14. Approved today!!!