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  1. Ok guys i just asked a question ok thats all. I have done nothing and i wont do anything it was a thought i asked thats all moving on thread dead thanks ok guys my husband is being an idiot right now! yes right now we ran into a financial issue. doesn't mean he is going to go break the law! This forum needs to be closed or deleted and I don't know how to do that! man you people are the meanest people I have ever come into contact with! how about offer some advice or constructive criticism instead of bashing us. WE have DONE NOTHING WRONG except ASK a simple question!
  2. Iv been prepared and i knew this was the case but unfortunately sumthing has happened and i now have to make a move or do sumin thats why i asked about Expediting work permit aswell. Yes this is the Internet everyone can read but that’s exactly that its all talk i have not done anything illegal. Im just asking. And if taking the risk makes my good character Weak thats sumthing im willing to take for my family.
  3. Iv been doing alot and iv found this. What does this mean then?? When you say they will not care. Who is they?
  4. If i were to take my chances. I know it’s illegal and i can get caught. But if u say not risky to me then how do the uscis find out.
  5. Hey everyone. So quick question. I am doing my Adjustment of status at the moment. I desperately need to make some money during this process. I have a company offering me work on the side paying by cheque as a sub contractor and I then save parts of that and at the end of the year they issues me a 1090. My question is how risky is that and being caught Is there any way to work undercover? and second question is. Is there a way to request an emergency work permit? thanks guys
  6. Hey everyone. So quick question. I am doing my Adjustment of status at the moment. Iv filled out work permit. Adjust and affidavit so thise 3 packs. Do i need to fill out the form i130? From my understanding its to sponsor a relitive but in the form it states if ur spouse is already here fill out this..... can anyone tell me if that form is ment to be apart of the AOS package. Thanks guys
  7. Does that mean 2 seperate passport photos for each document sent in. So in that case 6 photos?
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