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  1. Hey, We sent the info on on 10/23 which was just the final medical results. I had heard the after the new creation date is created and the visa switches to Non Immigrant that it's not long after that? The office was super nice asked us typical questions how we met? how many time have I gone since we met? Do i know his sisters that live in the US? Where did we stay when I came? & what do we like to do together? & that all but since we had to submit the final medical results she just told us to submit it as soon as we get them.
  2. Hello Everyone, How long after my case has new creation date will it show "Issued" ?
  3. Hi! I am not answering your question but I have a question. what additional documents did your fiance have to submit?
  4. We got our interview date finally! 😂
  5. “In Transit” today as well! Yayyyy! 💃🏼
  6. Hopefully tomorrow many of us go “In tansit” 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  7. Hey, I was receiving that error when I was entering my case number but it was because I had a typo. I thought I heard them tell me the case number was SVO instead of SDO lol
  8. Yes, I already got my case number but my lawyer said she needs the NOA2 in order to schedule the medical
  9. Yes they even told me the case is already at the NVC.
  10. Hello everyone I got approved on 8/17 and I still have not received my NOA2 in the mail and uscis said I have to wait 30 days after being approved to file and inquiry from not receiving the NOA2 hard copy 😩😩☹️☹️☹️
  11. Just received our case number! NOA2: 8/17
  12. Thank you for the info but I tried doing this a couple months ago and it’s not available for my address. Wish it did!