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  1. I’m glad you were able to get a same day appointment! The language on the NJ dmv website is tricky regarding Real ID for us on an extension letter but hopefully this will help others in the same situation
  2. Little update that may be useful for NJ applicants who need to renew their licenses: My license (and my GC) expire tomorrow but I was able to renew it today into a Real ID valid until 9/22. I mention this because license renewal appointments were not available until later in April and I wouldn’t have been able to drive for awhile but Real ID appointments seem to be easier to get (I could’ve scheduled at an earlier date but I was concerned my NOA wouldn’t arrive on time).
  3. Sent 1/20 via FedEx, received by USCIS on 1/21. USCIS charge pending on my credit card as of 2/22 🤗
  4. Great news! So encouraging to hear January is moving
  5. We had a baby in October and we listed him in the application. You are supposed to include all children, just check "no" on question 5 (is the child applying with you?) We didn't include a USCIS online account number as we don't have one. https://www.uscis.gov/file-online/how-to-create-a-uscis-online-account Thank you! I feel confident about the evidence but I'm nervous I somehow screwed the I-751 form (I double-checked but still lol)
  6. Hi all! My window opened on Dec 19 but I've been really busy with school so we just overnighted my application. It should be delivered by tomorrow January 21 according to FedEx. Hopefully the package will be accepted and I'll get my NOA before my driver license expires mid-march! We submitted the following evidence. I. LPR Card and Birth certificate for applicants’ son a. Copy of lawful permanent resident card b. Copy of marriage certificate c. Birth certificate for child born during this marriage, XXXXXX d. Evidence of trust account for applicant's baby by paternal grandfather, XXXX e. Copy of paystubs for US citizen spouse, showing residence and married status f. Copy of applicant’s Argentina and Italy passports II. Evidence of financial commingling a. Joint tax returns for years 2019 and 2018 b. W2 for year 2020 for US citizen spouse showing earnings over XX.- and evidence of enrollment as a full-time xxxx student for applicant c. Bank statements for joint checking and savings account at xxxx Bank 1. Copy of debit cards and evidence of purchases made by applicants 2. Evidence of purchases made during trip to Iceland (March 2020) 3. Payment of tuition for applicant 4. Evidence of purchases made during trip to Florida (November 2019) 5. Evidence of car rental purchase in Argentina (January 2019) 6. Copy of xxxx bank credit cards d. Bank statements for joint checking and savings accounts at bbbbb Bank 1. Evidence of direct deposit for school loans 2. Evidence of health insurance purchase 3. Evidence of refund by XXXX airlines after bag got lost on applicant’s trip back from Argentina 4. Evidence of purchases in XXXXX where applicants reside. e. Statements for AAAAA credit card f. Evidence of joint health insurance. 1. Joint health insurance from fall 2019 to present 2. Evidence of payment for spouse and child form January 2021 to August 2021 through XXXXXX health insurance. 3. Joint health insurance for first half of 2019 through health marketplace 4. Other joint health insurance and employer benefits from 2018 g. Life insurance for US citizen spouse listing applicant and their children as beneficiaries h. Notice of eligibility for US citizen spouse regarding paternity leave by the State of New Jersey dated October 2020 i. BlackRock investments account for XXXX with over $XXXX, listing applicant as sole beneficiary j. Evidence of E-Trade financial account with net assets over $XXXX owned by US citizen Spouse and applicant as beneficiary. k. Evidence of joint car insurance III. Evidence of co-habitation a. Letter by applicants’ landlord, XXXXXX, affirming applicants are his tenants at XXXXX b. Copy of applicant and spouse driver licenses showing joint residence c. Evidence of joint energy residential service account d. Cable & Internet bills for service at applicants’ residence e. Mail received by applicants and son at their address. 1. Official mail addressed to both applicant and US citizen spouse 2. Mail and medical bills addressed to applicant 3. Mail addressed to US citizen spouse 4. Mail and medical bills for baby XXXXXX IV. Evidence of relationship a. Pictures of applicants with their son, family and friends b. Confirmation for flight to Florida in January 2021 to visit applicant’s father-in-law, XXXXX c. Evidence of trip to Iceland in March 2020 d. Evidence of trip to Hawaii in January 2020 e. Evidence of trip to Miami in November 2019 f. Evidence to trip to Argentina from Dec 2018 to January 2019 g. Other evidence of relationship such as evidence of wedding reception held in Argentina and pictures, lifetime warranty for engagement ring, greeting cards and ultrasound pictures from pregnancy.
  7. Hi all! My window opens December 19th. Goal is to send it out by Christmas.
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