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  1. Hi guys, I have been following this thread because I'm waiting for my i751 to get approved before filling for citizenship. Just quick questions: I have been reading about the Seattle office. Is it the one located in Tukwila boulevard? Or ist it a different office? I had my biometrics and previous interview done in Tukwila, that's the only office I know I'm linked to from my seattle address. But I have just moved in Renton WA, would the office be different?
  2. Do you mean you don't want to become an American citizen? I'm not sure to understand the citizenship issue. Are you waiting to move in a different state to file for citizenship? But from now to the time you move out (if that the case), you'd already waist few couple of months. Plus you don't know when they'll approve your i751. So you might as well put that time in your N400 application now. But I definitely understand your point to wait 2 to 3 extra months to be done with your i751.
  3. Yes @Hopegrace. I think you should file for citizenship. It's the only way to get your i751 file shaken up. When you file for citizenship, they'll have to adjudicate your removal application too. And even if it takes time, it's better to start the process now than later. Also, when you sent your i751, did you get your biometric data done? Even if it was waived at first place, you should have received a letter inviting you to get you Fingerprint collect again. Did you do that? When was the last update on your application?
  4. Did you try to contact them? Did you file a out of processing time inquiry? Did you get your biometric done?
  5. A divorce case? A complicated case? Or just normal case, jointly filed?
  6. Yes. I'm so happy, I feel like it's close, we are getting there.
  7. Congratulations!!! No transfer right? Because I'm CA too and hoping to see a real California case, no transfer involved.
  8. Yes, California is working now. I can't wait to receive that text telling me that I was approved. Congratulations to you
  9. -Applied in October 31st 2018 -California center, no transfer - No N400 yet Waiting and praying every day🤲🙏
  10. I this point where you are experiencing uncertainty, if I had to suggest you something, I would say: "Let your application go and wait to see where it takes you". 1. You will be approved way before your divorce is final, if you decide to divorce. 2. If you don't file for the N400 while your i751 is pending, you'll be approved Without interview. So your "husband" won't need to show up for interview or do anything. So don't apply for N400. 3. No couple is perfect. Even those still married and getting approved also have their arguments and fights. All that matters is that you entered in your marriage with good faith, not only with the intention to obtain a green card and leave. But arguments in marriage are common, even if USCIS tends to expect immigrants to have perfect marriages, "happily married for ever". We are all human, we disagree, we argue, we fights. 4. Marriage is not a easy experience, but it's the best school to learn how to truly love . Marriage reveals a lot expectations and and rules that give no space to unconditional love. Counseling would help to bring light to a blinded heart. Love, compassion, forgiveness, humility, acceptance and freedom are the ingredients to reduce the expectations and to stop this uncontrollable desire to change the other person.
  11. Yes, you send documents SINCE the beginning of your life together. Many people usually think that after 2 years conditional green card, they should not send the documents they already submitted when they were adjusting their status. So they make the mistake to send only all new documents after the adjustment of status. It's not the same application, it's not the same officer. Otherwise, they wouldn't request another biometric. And, the new IO would want to review everything since the beginning, like you never been into immigration proceedings before. People who make that mistake get RFE or interview for the 2nd time.
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