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  1. Thanks for the answer Pushbrk, Im sure i can add evidence to my genuine relationship over the next year while my application brews in USCIS, with a couple visits here and there..
  2. Well , I have had a work based green card filed for me once in the past, but that takes 15 years, so they know i have intent to immigrate, which i think makes my chance of getting a visitor visa low, but your point is interesting .. maybe i can try ...
  3. Hello I am an Indian citizen and my future wife is a US citizen. We were initially thinking about going the K1 visa route, but reconsidered and have decided to go with CR1. She is working full time and doesnt have time to fly across the globe for a Indian Wedding, so we have decided that we will have a small marriage (court marriage) in the Carribean ( Granada ), the marriage certificate from there will be in english and the process is quick. and then she will file the paperwork in USA to initiate my CR1, if all goes well, I will do the visa interview in the Mumbai Consulate. Our relationship is real, so Im not worried about proving that. Do you think the visa officer will have a problem with the marriage ? I have read here that visa officers ask for full photo albums , with specifics from hindu marriage ceremonies, where the husband is tying garland and sindoor. She is christian and Im hindu but both of us are very mildly religious, so it doesnt matter to us. Also I dont have money to fly out my parents/relatives for the marriage. What can i do to prove that the marriage is legit, should i take a lot of professional pictures ? Any documentation that I should be aware of for a foreign country wedding ? Also would Indian US consulate need some Indian marriage certificate or will the Grenada one be enough ?