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  1. Assuming you're a USC, you could petition him anytime. Depending on the country, it takes upwards of 15+ years to get a green card for siblings. The bar would be over by then. What country are we talking about? What visa did he enter on and why was he deported?
  2. So he got the visa in 2014 and visited for 2 weeks. He applied a second time some years after that and was denied and was told he had a ban? He applied a 3rd time recently and was re-informed of the lifetime ban? Something is amiss. Something is missing. As noted several times here, what the BIL stated would not get him a lifetime ban.
  3. Yes, likely will be returned. Checks/MOs have to be made out to "US Dept of Homeland Security"
  4. She appears to have the visa, so it's a matter of convincing CBP to be admitted for a couple months in the summer and again for Xmas.
  5. Based on previous posts, OP is a Filipina working in Thailand and has a USC boyfriend. OP, B2 entry is at CBP discretion.
  6. Weeks.. months.. potatos.. patatos i94 is typically 6 months. B2ers who find 'love' in the US tend to do so between week 1 and week 26. Or between month .25 and month 6
  7. Just be honest with CBP. Most VWPers have no issues. If you're planning on returning home, it'll show in your body language, along with the return tkt. .
  8. No issues Be honest at POE you're discussing plans to marry, then return to life back home awaiting CR1. Try exiting the US some days prior to 90-day period.
  9. Begs the question why she got a green card in the first place
  10. Yep, that's what it comes across as Using Canadian CHIP after gaining US permanent residency was a bog no no too
  11. Your lawyer has a point, I'd say travel on an F1 visa, with an immigrant petition in the pipeline and family in the US, is fraught with risk of a denied entry. You are no longer a full time student studying. Why go now when you had all these years as an actual student? You're paying the lawyer, I'd heed his advice. You came to the forum because you didn't like what you heard from the lawyer?
  12. This link suggests OP very recently obtained US citizenship. And straight on to petitioning parents.
  13. But I am amazed about how it took me a good number of years to find my spouse, whereas we occasionally see a B2 visitor miraculously find someone they fall in love with and marry within weeks, that too an American citizen. And all those promises made to a CO about ties to their country, poof.. disappear Amazing, I tell ya, amazing!
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