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  1. Where did you hear that? A birth certificate usually establishes parent-child relationship, but if any doubt exists, a dna test could be requested. Would the interview be in Mumbai?
  2. Darn, you continue to ask questions about multiple applicants..mother..son. Confusing the heck out of everyone on this forum. Quoting a longtime member "Would have been helpful if you’d said that in the beginning. Even better if he created his own account and posts his own questions. It doesn’t cost anything."
  3. A visa isn't stolen, only a passport can be stolen. With all the safeguards in place in recent years, nearly impossible to misuse a passport or US visa.
  4. Business meetings have no co-relation to a personal trip. As such, there should be no such cool down time, unless you're looking for any US visa.
  5. Doesn't CBP usually issue an i94 for the shorter of 6 months or until passport validity? I've seen that apply to H1/H4s.
  6. 3 months to attend "some" business meetings? According to posts in other forums, a retired CO understood that to be usually a thinly-guised attempt to enter the US and code or seek H1B etc. Any company that sends employees on business demonstrates clearly why they need to send that individual(s) to the US, and not just for "..various business meetings with various clients, stakeholders, business partners.."
  7. Another individual's itinerary has no bearing on your application. You or your company has to document why they need to send you for a 3-mo stint in the US.
  8. of course the bill would had to have been paid. 'Country' implies taxpayers, meaning it didn't cost you. Could be an issue.
  9. Government assistance may generally complicate visa issuance
  10. Immigrant visas for non-Immediate Relatives (such as siblings) have a numerical quota. There are only 65,000 visas available for siblings of US citizens, and that's worldwide. India has a huge backlog of people waiting in your category, and the volume keeps increasing each year. The US government prioritizes reunification of US persons with their spouses and children and parents over siblings and nieces/nephews.
  11. Server maintenance from a floppy drive perhaps
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