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  1. Man ...Mumbai F2A is lit up today...finally we see rain but it skipped your CR/IR town..lol
  2. I was on other chat group and even there were no F2A IL’s for Mumbai even they r current...so I really hope Tourist and student visa is what hold as back...since I am June 3rd and 10th CC...I am looking more into October or November if things move in September for Cr/IR..🙏
  3. This is what I found on VJ under F2A section...a green card application processed faster and got interview faster then US citizen...totally furious of this ...😡nothing against The 1 Who got lucky but NVC..give us a break...enough.. 2019-07-19 13-08.pdf
  4. Ever since VJ members start saying Rain in June it’s been drought...lol...so new saying now ...pls let it drizzle ...may be that may remove the curse...😊
  5. Same thing with Mumbai consulate...a lot of members r wasting there time waiting for IL..there is no end to this tunnel...we all were hoping to get something this week but gone with the wind...now have to wait till 2week of August to see if there is any movement ...pls let this drought vanish..🙏
  6. I just hope my words r dead wrong and we all Who r waiting for Mumbai gets rolling...I don’t wanna wait till late end of year for the Interview and I don’t know how many r ahead of me...never knew this process would bring that much of wait pain....I hope it’s worth in the future..🙏
  7. Hard truth...we Americans have to wait ...where is America first in here...those who r CC of April May get there IL in October but I am June so my chance of getting anything this year is zero to none...
  8. I also read on that group is the reason very few IL’s are given because of the student visa for Aug/Sep...Mumbai use to be 50 day wait for students and now it is down to 18 days only..so the way they reprocessing LPR and student visas ...there is hardly any chance Cr/IR will get any IL until October..
  9. What a privilege US citizen get...Wait Wait Wait...they should let New Delhi handle current FB and keep rolling Cr/Ir at Mumbai...I have told me Wife that don’t anticipate to hear anything untill late October to November and she’s super pissed and want me to come stay in India untill I get IL..
  10. Highly likely they will processed together...It’s just a matter of which date they will prioritize...
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