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  1. I still haven't received anything from the National Visa Center. I don't think NVC has received our case yet. That seems to be a good sign though. If NVC is forwarding cases to Nicaragua it would seem the consulate is planning to resume operations. Either that or the email is inaccurate. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  2. I wish the consulate in Nicaragua would make arrangements for another consulate to take over their case work... They have suspended operations since May...
  3. Yeah I was totally surprised by our "silent" NOA2. We even called USCIS on Aug 23 and they had no updates, but when we received out NOA2 in the mail today it was dated Aug 22... 🤔 I wouldn't be surprised if you get a silent one this week.
  4. Hmmm.... actually maybe it wouldn't explain it.... The notice doesn't show up on the new website either:
  5. Received my NOA2 letter in the mail today! Dated 08/22/18... NOA1 was 02/08/18. For some reason it still isn't showing on the USCIS website though... Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Thanks for your reply YecaCruz! We just got our NOA2 today in the mail (notice dated 08/22/2018). Luckily my fiancee is safe in Managua (she lives in a gated complex in one of the nicer areas). I'm going to check out the link and consult with our immigration attorney. I don't have high hopes for things picking up in Nicaragua anytime soon.
  7. I am not sure on why it is showing up twice, but I also have my NOA1 about the same time (Feb 8th) at California Service Center and havent received NOA2. Notice that almost everyone who has received NOA2 is Texas Service Center. California Service Center is just slower. Nothing to worry about. We just have to keep waiting.
  8. My fiancee and I are still awaiting our NOA2 (NOA1 dated February 8, 2018) and are expecting to hear any day now. To prepare for the next steps, I have been speaking with our immigration attorney, who informed me that he was on the phone with the National Visa Center a few weeks ago and they told him that any Nicaraguan cases they are receiving from USCIS Service Centers they are simply holding on to and not forwarding to the consulate in Managua (due to the fact that the consulate is short-staffed with limited operations, supposedly only handling emergency matters for US Citizens in country). The attorney also said that the National Visa Center told him we could try to convince another consulate (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, etc.) to take my fiancee's case, but that the likelihood of another consulate agreeing would be slim to none (less than 1%?). It seems that our only real option is to wait until the consulate in Managua gets up and running again. Is it normal for the NVC to simply hold cases? Is it really true that getting another consulate to accept her case would be a slim-to-none chance? I have heard @ColoradoSteve mention in another thread that he managed to get an interview date in July, so it would seem maybe the Nicaragua consulate is still processing non-US Citizen matters? Is there anythign we can do to convince the NVC to send the case to Managua anyway? Does anyone have any updates about the consulate in Managua? Regards, Max
  9. My apologies if a thread like this already exists, but does anyone know if changing your address with USCIS effects the processing time of the K-1 visa? I'm moving out of my current place, but will still be able to receive mail there. I petitioned Feb 6, 2018, NOA1 Feb 8, 2018, so USCIS probably has my case buried under a mountain of others and hasn't looked at it yet, so I imagine it doesn't effect anything. The paralegal at the law office I hired (currently regretting that decision) told me it has no effect, but I don't have a huge amount of faith in her opinion: when she filled out our petition using the information I provided, she listed my fiancé's country of birth as "Managua" instead of "Nicaragua" and she made a few other mistakes on the petition as well (luckily I caught the others).
  10. I'm not saying it is against VJ TOS to be rude to OP, just that it is against common human decency and etiquette. The point of the thread is to help future immigrants find housing and have past immigrants share their housing experiences when first moving here. The point of the thread is not to interrogate the OP.
  11. That's no excuse for being rude. OP's story is not very complete or clear at all (and I'll admit a little fishy), but she didn't make this thread to be INTERROGATED. She has the right to her own privacy. OP, I'm so sorry for how nasty and rude people are being to you. Visajourney should, in the American spirit, be a welcoming place for open discussion, not a place where immigrants are interrogated. I apologize on behalf of everyone who is being rude and nasty to you. Shame on them. Their parents clearly never taught them manners.
  12. Hmm I'm really doubting this lawyer now... I imagine they have done a lot of these petitions so they would know what to put, but now I am not sure. Thanks for the advice on that. I will let you know if any RFEs result from this.
  13. Hmm... this might explain it: the form was filled out with "Managua" as the country of birth... We hired a lawyer who actually filled out the form for us. I'm assuming they thought it said "county" of birth or something. I should have caught this when I reviewed the forms before they were sent in. Hopefully it doesn't result in an RFE or delay the process... stupid mistake.