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  1. Just happened to check the case status today and it looks like biometrics are going to be waived (he had them done for his AOS 2 years ago) 🎉 "My Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken: As of May 18, 2021, fingerprints relating to your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number X, have been applied to your case"
  2. Oh wow I didn't realize OP said 175 not 751 🤦‍♀️. Maybe the officer will be like me and think it says 751! The instructions don't list attn: for USPS, so I wouldn't worry too much! Worst case they open it up and see you meant 751, no biggie. I doubt they are going to keep the packaging.
  3. Update: Mailed 4/13/21 Delivered 4/15/21 Text message received: 5/4/21 Looks like ours is being processed by EAC (iirc that's Vermont). Check hasn't been cashed yet but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Cheers y'all!
  4. Who did you mail it with? The instructions for UPS/FedEx/DHL is: USCIS Attn: I-751 1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034
  5. Yeah I think some degree of nervousness is normal/expected but being excessively nervous may be a red flag. I know when I walked into the interview room my voice was a bit shaky but you take the oath to tell the truth and tell them your name and such so it gave me time to calm down. It wasn't like the funnest part of my day but it gave me similar vibes to like a serious job interview with basically no laughing/jokes if that makes sense. We wound up having a laugh with our officer because they asked where we grocery shopped. We said Wegmans and the officer was like "ugh I'm jealous, I love Wegmans but we don't have Wegmans near my house" so we talked about that for a minute and it felt a lot lighter after that. I'm sure it varies officer to officer though. Our officer said they were recommending it be approved but it still had to go through their superior so wasn't guaranteed. They said we'd either get an RFE or an approval in a week or so. I checked our case status that night and it showed approved. I wrote a long post about our interview here if that helps:
  6. I made a spare copy of my husband's AOS packet and brought it with me to the interview. I didn't need anything out of it but was glad I had it for peace of mind. If you haven't had a medical exam done, you'll want to have that done and bring it to your interview. You can also bring additional evidence that you may have not submitted originally. My husband and I were asked a variety of questions to verify that we did actually know each other/live together. Stuff like what color the washing machine is, what we had for dinner the night prior, who does what chores, health problems and medicine each of us are on, what's our favorite restaurant and what does the other person usually order. They also asked questions to verify the info in the application itself. Like our parents names and dates of birth, what date he entered the US, etc etc. It honestly isn't bad assuming you do actually know each other, it's just intimidating. Best of luck!
  7. Oh that's a huge bummer! I hope it all worked out okay in the end!
  8. FWIW I don't think you're supposed to check the sealed envelope. The civil surgeon who did my husband's medical exam gave us a copy of it for our records, although I don't think that's standard practice based off what I've read here. I'll echo the holding off on doing the medical until you have an interview scheduled, and make sure you give the civil surgeon a couple days to finish it. We cut ours super super close and picked up the medical report the day of our interview, would not recommend lol.
  9. My employer uses discovery benefits for transit benefits/health insurance related matters. If your employer does use discovery benefits, I'm pretty sure you can request a new card from discovery benefits (or WEX I think is their new name) if that makes you feel any better. The USCIS letter seems a bit strange but I agree with the other folks, likely just a courtesy return from them.
  10. I attached a redacted version of my cover letter (had to upload as a pdf because I couldn't get the word version to upload, sorry!). We filed a couple of years ago so the forms/addresses might be out of date. 1. for the front of the package that listed the forms I filed but didn't list specific evidence 2. One for the I-130 that listed all the supporting documentation. 3. One for the I-485 (which also included I-864, I-765, and I-131). Hope that helps! Redacted Example AOS Cover Letter.pdf
  11. My husband's window opened at the end of March and we finally got our packet mailed off today! Should arrive in Arizona on the 15th 🤞. His AOS was super quick (something like 3 months from application to card in hand) but I am not as hopeful for this step 😂. Cheers y'all!
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