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  1. AL-MJD

    K 1 visa help please

  2. AL-MJD

    K 1 visa help please

    hey there. i had the same problem except that we never lost our NOA2, USPS lost it. i wrote them a letter stating that i'm unable to provide them the NOA2 and that i provided them with the US Embassy in Singapore interview letter, the e-mail reply from USCIS about our case status that my husband's K1 application with WAC number was approved, and one other thing i don't rmb what it was. all went well for me. green card is in my wallet. green card interview went well. my interviewing officer never mentioned about the NOA2 being missing.
  3. i don't know. i sent my AoS application on 19th July, and my green card was approved 25th October, which is the date of my interview as well. that's 3 months and a few days.
  4. my off the bat, "did not read other people's comments" answer is nope. i only had my husband's letter from his employer, bank statement stating how much was deposited in the last year and how much was the balance then, literally just "date account opened:", "amount deposited within last year:" and "current balance:", and i gave his W2. i had 3 years of W2, my interviewing officer took just the one that had the income tax with it. i offered him the rest, said he didn't want it. on a completely irrelevant but your future note, my hubby and i brought his paystubs to the green card interview. wasted paper on it. our interviewing officer wanted none of that (half because my application documents were very complete).
  5. AL-MJD


    Actually, there are many threads here that talked about getting another K1 after such a circumstance. The short answers are yes, you can apply for another K1, no, just like everyone who goes through the process, no 100% you will definitely get one and you will have to explain to the interviewing officer what happened the first time around.
  6. No tips. No it won't affect your medical exam. But you should really bring your doctor's note into America so that you can ask for a prescription from an American doctor.
  7. my take is, an immigration lawyer is an unnecessary expense because of all the weird and sad things i heard about them. also i witnessed a lawyered-up couple during my AoS interview that... didn't do so good. but anyway, i think OP should just start calling up family and friends and warn them about the cancellations. i fly a lot, so i don't think there will be an issue with postponing all the flights and hotel stays. and i think start now better than later. i mean honestly, sometimes, if you explain your immigration woes to your suppliers and organisers, you'll be surprised how understanding and accomdating they can be. i know it looks easier to expedite, but the honest truth is that the AoS/AP/EAD process don't give a flying f*** about your personal plans...... i also had to cancel a destination wedding because i thought that i would have my visa on hand by December, my K1 NOA1 was June?, and i booked something for February. turned out my approval was February. not even the transfer to NVC yet. but oh wells.
  8. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    they do. but i've always assumed they wanted anything that you can give from the list. like i get that they said income tax doc if self-employed. at the time that i went for interview, i read it in such a way that they wanted everything unless you don't have it or it doesn't apply to you. but i'm true-blue Singaporean, and super kiasu, so i brought like everrrryyyythingggggg too. #shrugs
  9. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    I... believe the bank statement is a requirement of the affidavit of support. Somewhere in the instructions... it says letter from bank stating current balance and amount deposited within the last year... but yes, you are good with the tax return docs. Just 2018 is sufficient. Others, if anyone can share their experience and if they got approved without the statement from the bank?
  10. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    that's going to depend on your financial situation. if the petitioner is 100% above the poverty line, you really just need one year's income tax. but if for example, your petitioner is self-employed and his yearly income could possibly be wonky, and some years are much less uncomfortable than others, then 3 years of income tax is what they will ask for. if you have that letter that states how much was deposited into the petitioner's bank account within the last 12 months and that the petitioner's job is stable, youre good to go with your 2018 income tax. they just want to make sure that you will not be a liability in US and eat up America citizen's food stamps and other financial aid. i brought along 2015 income tax and W2, i told my interviewing officer about it, he said that's unnecessary, he'll just take the 2016 W2 and income tax.
  11. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    If it helps, my interview was mid-April 2018, and i submitted 2016 income tax. all good for me. honestly, they asked for 2017 income tax because i had the 2017 W2. but it was all good, i told them, i don't have it, they said that's fine then.
  12. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    This info is really good for future Singapore US Embassy interviewees. Much appreciated!
  13. AL-MJD

    Vaccinations in Singapore

    if money is your issue, you can take your second shot(s) in Singapore after your interview and after your approval, before you leave for the US, keep your vaccination certificates, bring it to the US. don't take vaccinations at Fullerton, it's much more expensive. before i went for my medical, i asked a lady how much Fullerton charged her for the shots taken there. that's how i know. what is necessary is ONE of each shot of mandatory vaccines to get your approval and DS-3025. if doctors want you to take second shots, it can be taken after you arrive in US. here's what i think and this is my experience. i don't have a history of taking varicella(chicken pox) vaccine, quite frankly i don't remember if i had it. i opted to take the vaccines instead of the test. varicella is also a vaccine that needed to be taken twice(the vaccination doctor at Woodlands Polyclinic is where this info came from). at least 3 months apart is what the Polyclinic did for me. i took one shot before my medical exam, before the interview. the second shot was taken after the interview. i took the second because it was free for me, so why not. Fullterton Healthcare gave me a complete DS-3025 despite only one shot of varicella. i went through AoS without a problem with this DS-3025. nobody asked me about the second varicella shot. i never bothered to report it. i brought it for my green card interview but honestly, my husband and i had so much fun at the interview, we forgot to volunteer the info and nobody asked me. so there you go. my fullerton medical was 9th Apr 2018, my mandatory shots were taken at Woodlands Polyclinic on 1st March 2018, you can find my K1 visa and green card approvals on my immigration timeline. THERE. UPDATED.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm dealing with an annoying ex too. She used to get 1k in child support for 1 child and freely asks for more money throughout the years; extra money for clothes, electricity bills, school supplies. Once, she even had her daughter ask my husband when the WiFi will come back on. The last straw for me was when she asked my husband for money to throw the daughter a birthday party when she returned after her TWO-MONTHS visitation with us. Mind you, my husband paid child support during the two months our daughter was with us. And like clockwork, she was definitely going to ask for school supplies money ($200) after her daughter returns. What I did was psycho my husband into filing for a complaint to modify the divorce decree terms and custody. Our daughter lives with us now in Nebraska and we are filing for child support enforcement because the ex has not given us child support since the temporary stipulated order in August last year up to now when the case has been closed in our favour for a month. In Nebraska, you must pay child support through the state, and my husband at first did not know that, he paid through a joint account with the ex. When the state went after him for child support, my husband got out of it by proving that he was current. The mother lives in Virginia, and money was taken out in Virginia while my husband is in Nebraska, there are little purchases he made through his card(gas, food) to prove he was in Omaha at the time the money was withdrawn in Virginia. In addition to that, the money was withdrawn under the ex-wife's card. Even if she had gone through the trouble of claiming we didn't pay child support, which she is not beyond doing, she wouldn't get anything extra. Unfortunately I cannot tell you if it will affect your K1 Visa, because my husband coincidentally settled the issue on June 2017, that mid-month was when we filed for K1. Nothing other than coincidence, we first met in person that late February, 4 months earlier, was already planning to file in April, just didn't get to it until then. Not being current on spousal/child support can be, not is, but can be grounds for rejection. It affects the Affidavit of Support. As long as your husband can support you while you are in America, or he can find a joint sponsor, you should be fine. I really used to worry about it. I know how you feel. During the entire process, the ex was often jealous and kept threatening to either call the feds for some reason, or go to court for SOMETHING; for child tax credit issues, for more money other than child support, for Christmas presents money. Once, she said she would call USCIS informing them that i am a camgirl just looking for a green card. She said the feds will believe her because she is a citizen and I am just a foreigner. Another time she wanted to warn USCIS that my husband is a sexual predator. None of it is true. Legit for anything that she thinks she can, she will threaten to call SOMEBODY. My husband used to tell me during that time that it would be too ridiculous if the feds or any authorities including USCIS listened to every single jealous ex, so i hope my story helps put you at a little bit of an ease. Fast forward a year and a half, we're really happy. My extended family, even the ex's parents and siblings have seen an obvious positive change on my daughter, they all talk about it to me all the time. I don't see an obvious change of course, because she lives with me, but I can tell you there is a humongous difference from when she was living with her mother and when she is living with me and my husband, down to hygiene practices. If none of the above really helps you, then just make sure your husband is compliant and helpful with the feds or whatever authority. Do it all as quickly as possible. I'm very certain it will all work out for you.
  15. AL-MJD

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    The customs officer I encountered did not take my X-ray CD or my DS-3025. That being said, I actually sent a photocopy of my DS-3025 with my Adjustment application because to be honest, those I was given were just... photocopies. Like black printer-ink copies.