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  1. thank you so much , mine is on Feb 14th , Yerevan embassy/Armenia.
  2. thank you so much , mine is on Feb 14th , Yerevan embassy/Armenia.
  3. Hi, thank you so much for replying , yeah I got my interview email as well last night, and else the status is like yours, I wish your interview goes well
  4. Hey guys, mine is received too, CC: December 27 Interview: February 14 Armenia embassy
  5. Thank you so much for the response, now I can be hopeful more to hear soon 🌹🌹
  6. Hi, congratulations to all who take the interview email, I have a question that what your status shows now and before you take your email? Was showing "at NVC" or " in transit" before you take your letter?
  7. Why no one still took an interview date for the February? Does anyone know if the NVC keep scheduling appointment still? What if the shutdown doesn't resolve ?
  8. you must check all the items you have submitted, have a green check mark and each items shows ACCEPTED , in addition in my case I got 2 emails at the same time, one for update on ceac and one for documentary qualified . you must take that email that you are in line for the interview and your documents are qualified.
  9. Congrats, now we are in line for the interview, I wish we get the email soon
  10. to the ones who have the close submitted date : I just received the "case completed" Email. submitted on December 13. wish luck for everyone
  11. Yaaayyyy, what a day you had😍 so happy for you in a few weeks you will reunite with your spouse, congrats 😍
  12. I have a question from the ones who got their case complete, should first both IV and AOS package show accepted status then wait for the case complete?
  13. Congrats!! Hope you hear soon about your interview date, may I know before you receive you case complete, what was the status of your IV and AOS package on ceac? Should they both convert to accepted?
  14. Hello , My case is now at NVC, and my husband changed his address recently, and in all the NVC forms his new address is written. Do we need still to inform USCIS for the address change? he is a U.S citizen
  15. Hi, you can not upload it like that , because they want to print out the documents in order like a book, so all the documents you upload must be in the same direction not one vertical and the other horizontal, this is what I did with one of my docs that is like your marriage certificate and it is accepted the first time : create a blank page on photoshop or any other photo editor with a white background, this blank page must be vertical , (photoshop is better because you can resize the page to be fit for your marriage certificate ), then insert your marriage certificate in the middle of this blank page , save it as JPEG and and the end convert this JPEG to a PDF file . make sure the final file is less than 2 MB and it is readable with no problem. I hope this method that I used can help you too .