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  1. No worries. Everything will be okay and hope you can share your good news with us soon.
  2. Hi. The transcripts do not need to be signed. Just have them ready and organized.
  3. I see. Then I think I will look into filing an amendment. Thank you for your reply. And also thank you all who left a comment.
  4. Thank you for your answer. What about if my refund for 2017 will increase as a result of the amend?
  5. My wife and I married in 2017. For my 2017 tax filing, I had to file as "married filing separate" due to the fact that my wife did not have an SSN or ITIN as she was residing out of the country at the time. She is now here with me in the US as a PR. Is it advisable to amend my tax return for 2017 to change our status to married filing jointly? Very thankful in advance for your advice.
  6. La fecha de caducidad de su visa está indicada en la parte inferior derecha. Tiene hasta ese día para viajar e ingresar a los EE.UU. Por ejemplo, la visa de mi esposa era una CR1 y tuvo una validez de 5 meses y 12 días, así que tampoco confíe que tiene disponibles exactamente 6 meses. Saludos cordiales y bienvenida/o.
  7. Two weeks at the latest. My wife's SSN card arrived in about one week.
  8. Tax transcripts are better evidence than 1040's. I sent 1040's with W2's to NVC but two days before the interview I was reading on this forum about it and decided to send the transcripts to my wife by email. The day of the interview, the documents collector at the embassy asked my wife specifically if she had more information regarding my income, to which my wife replied yes and handed over the transcripts. The lady employee said this was what she was looking for. This happened on November 2018. This was my experience, I believe you should be okay with the transcripts alone.
  9. OP, I was in your same situation last year. I got married in November 2017. After looking at all the options I determined that the easiest way was not to apply for an ITIN for my wife and file as "married filing separately". I had to print paper copies and I used Priority Mail to send both my Federal and State returns. Maybe I was overly cautious but due to the fact that we were only married for a couple of months during 2017, I did not want/need a consular officer scrutinizing my tax return from 2017, or an IRS review later down the line. Consider your options, this is what worked for me. This year she is here in the US and she has an SSN so we will file jointly.
  10. Marta, I think you have nothing to worry about. I worked as a Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), and TANF (Cash assistance) case worker in Texas HHSC until about 5 years ago. We were instructed to advise our applicants that medicaid and SNAP had no repercussions on immigration proceedings. The only applicants that were advised about a negative impact on their future naturalization and asked about their I 864 sponsor were people applying for cash assistance (In Texas the maximum benefit was marginal, close to $200 per month at best at the time, it may be a little higher now). Medicaid, while it varies from State to State, has generally higher income limits for pregnant women as compared to "regular medicaid". Some States, such as Texas, have no medicaid for adults at all, other than pregnancy medicaid for low income women. In any case, there may be a program for pregnancy in your State that is not medicaid and has some costs associated with it. If it makes you feel better, you could inquire about that with the office where you applied and ask to be transferred to it if possible. I used to do this for parents who qualified for medicaid for their children but choose to ask to be transferred to CHIP instead, which has some marginal annual fee and also some co-pays associated with it but it is not considered "medicaid". That's an option, but you should be okay with pregnancy medicaid. There is no need to bring up anything about sponsors or I 864 while applying. If they have seen your green card, they have seen your date of admission and also know that you are an LPR. My knowledge may be a little outdated but there has been no major change in the laws of medicaid and healthcare since the ACA and no change in immigration laws since. Be well and please take care of yourself during your pregnancy. These worries are not good for you.
  11. No, at the Guangzhou consulate only the intending immigrant is allowed inside.
  12. Thank you. I hope your case gets approved soon as well. Our documents were marked as accepted by NVC on September 12th and we received the email with the appointment information on Sept 26th. NVC seems to be consistent in its timeframes for everyone but the actual appointment date depends on each embassy or consulate. Also check their calendar on the specific's embassy consulate website. They take both the American holidays and local holidays. That means delays. Hopefully this will give you a general idea of when you will get your appointment.
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