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  1. Had my interview 7/23, got my passport back today! In shock!!! Leaving on 8/4 ...if I can hold on that long lol!!
  2. Thank you! I wrote a consulate review if you click my profile. Definitely read through as many as you can so you know what to expect but it is actually pretty much just checking the paperwork boxes for the Montreal consulate! Wishing you guys the best!!!
  3. Mostly when and how did we meet. How often we see each other. How long I have stayed in usa. Where I have travelled in the last 5 years. Then she was like clicking around and slipped me the paper and said she hoped I had plans to celebrate lol It is going to be delivered to.my house in calgary on the 26th! Boom!!
  4. I got approved yesterday and my passport tracking was already emailed.to.me...my visa is issued and the passport is on its way too my house before I even leave montreal?! Lol the interview was very easy ..just have all your papers organized and ready to go!!
  5. I hope you heads back! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I heard back that afternoon!
  6. i am floored... i hope you get it soon!! it will be an august one for sure. did you find out if you have to make three trips?
  7. was just thinking about it..you have 6 months to enter so the interview date doesn't matter anyway that would be within you time period of Late Nov?
  8. Happy for you guys!! Hope the reschedule goes smooth for your interview timeline!
  9. I also got a lot of passport page checking and computer clicking since I know have my date and I am flagged but I just said I have my interview letter when he asked about if I am in process and he let me through easy peasy I think this stage of the game is way less nerve wracking to travel! Going again in a few weeks. Our interview is later in July.
  10. kendraf

    Canadian Travel to US after DS 260 Filed

    I don't have either of those .. sometimes I wish I had applied since I travel so much!
  11. kendraf

    Canadian Travel to US after DS 260 Filed

    So it was much different than any other time I travelled previously. I stepped up to the desk and he asked where I am going, why (see husband - I always say this right away), for how long (just the weekend). He scanned my stuff and then looked through every single page of my passport. He asked me how often I go (monthly or we alternate and he comes here). He did a lot of clicking on the computer and I just put my self into a comfortable position. It was also awkward because the supervisor and another guard not open were in the small corner with us so I was trying to be relaxed because I knew this was a possibility lol he said, is your husband American citizen or on a work visa. I said he is a citizen. He said, are you in process? I said yes and I have my interview letter with me. He immediately relaxed, said all my paperwork is in order and gave my back my stuff. I slowly walked to the escalator and did a silent happy dance in my head hehe
  12. Oh shoot, I hope they don't cost too much. I got my tetnus and measles but did have to wait about bad month for an appt since it wasn't an emergency. I am never too sad to be in Vancouver! Hehe my hubby lived there for many years as well so he is joining for a little get away! It should be so nice. I got my email early in the morning if that helps! I was so happy to see it!! The girl who schedules medicals doesn't work til 2pm so if you don't hear back right away that is why haha I was very impatient!!
  13. Oh you are lucky you are in bc. Easier to get to the doc! I am not sure if he would be part of the bc freebies but from what I have read these are private clinics and charge. I am actually headed out there very soon to get my medical out of the way!! Thank you and good luck on your date! I hope you get one in the next few days!!
  14. You can get them done but they will cost you money. It will be free if you do it local at least it is in ab. I had to get two shots. I got them done and they printed me a new immunization record to bring.