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  1. Uggh still waiting fo ray interview to be scheduled.. its been 226 days since it changed to ready to schedule interview... Seattle office must be really slow.....
  2. Yeah I know! I re applied for the parole because the immigration officer told me too.. I just got NOA for both of them!! Hoping to hear something soon! I noticed that too? So I am not sure. ill keep you Guys updated.
  3. Any Seattle peeps get any news? June 1st 2018 filer here... I called they told me 12MORE months before I get an interview. So I re applied for parole which expires in September and my honeymoon is in November.... and work authorizations expires November and I’m praying I won’t have to close my business.
  4. Anyone here from Seattle WA? Got interview yet? I filed June 1
  5. Hi so im in Seattle! I filed in June and I haven't gotten my GC and I AM getting nervous. When I called to get the info through the robot it said case cannot be found..... so that made my heart leap! Help
  6. Anyone here with the Seattle wa local office. Its been over 150 days since it said pending interview. Im getting nervous. Plus my honeymoon is in November but my parole expires September so do I need to re apply for advance parole?
  7. Still waiting for interview in Seattle WA. Its been 126 days 😩, I’m working which is better. I started my own business! Anyone else know how long it takes to get interview?
  8. Anyone else Feild Office Seattle Wa? I looked online at processing times and it says they're working on cases from Feb 17, 2017... I hope this is a joke.. Anyone have any knowledge on how long the actual wait time is from other peoples experiences?
  9. We are the same perso! I did the same thing!! two copies of everything 😂😂 my husband thinks it’s hilarious
  10. how do you contact a congressman to get then to call Uscis?
  11. IS anyone else in WA have the Seattle’s local office? They’re saying 11-24 months to get scheduled an interview 😱😩
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