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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know we had our interview yesterday in Seattle Washington. Our appointment was at 2:30, we got there at two. Everything went by so easily, the staff was so easy to talk to, in the waiting room was plenty big enough. One thing I noticed was everyone had an attorney except for us Anyway, in the interview they just went over the form originally filled out. Ask my husband how many kids we wanted. And pretty much how we met, she didn’t want to explain much more. She said they have to input the information and they would let us know. I was worried since I didn’t get any change of status. But our power was out at our house and it came on at 3 AM and I checked and it had been updated to card being produced!!
  2. JUST got notification from the USCIS, my interview has been scheduled, waiting for letter with the date 🎉
  3. So im still waiting for my interview its been 14 months. I have renewed/reapplied my advance parole, it expires September 1,2019. My honeymoon is in November and just received it thank goodness.. But this waiting for the interview is killing me 😕 Seattle office.
  4. Is anyone in this thread processing In Seattle WA?
  5. Uggh still waiting fo ray interview to be scheduled.. its been 226 days since it changed to ready to schedule interview... Seattle office must be really slow.....
  6. Yeah I know! I re applied for the parole because the immigration officer told me too.. I just got NOA for both of them!! Hoping to hear something soon! I noticed that too? So I am not sure. ill keep you Guys updated.
  7. Any Seattle peeps get any news? June 1st 2018 filer here... I called they told me 12MORE months before I get an interview. So I re applied for parole which expires in September and my honeymoon is in November.... and work authorizations expires November and I’m praying I won’t have to close my business.
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