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  1. Thank you haha. Yeah that’s likely what we’ll do. Will just have to reapply if/when we need to come back to the US. That’s a good point about not having to file taxes in the US! I hadn’t thought of that!
  2. No not really. We would have to delay by a year because of how long it takes to process etc. Currently we don’t plan on returning to the US permanently anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem but I was just thinking in the short term it would be good to know how long I can keep it for just incase 😊
  3. Ok that’s good information. I’ll probably have to abandon it then. Thanks for the help!
  4. Yes we meet all the requirements for the U.K. spouse visa including the cash savings. I just wasn’t sure what happens with my greencard. It’s unlikely we would need to move back to the US but I’m just hoping to keep it as long as possible incase there is a need to come back and we don’t have time to wait for the visa to be approved again. Thank you, I’ll have a look into this 😊
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows what my options are in regards to keeping my permanent residency and for how long given the circumstances below... My 2-year greencard expires in June 2021 but my husband and I are thinking of moving to the U.K. for personal reasons in March 2021. Ideally I’d like to keep my permanent residency for as long as possible incase anything happens in which we need to come back to the US ASAP. But I understand that I would eventually have to give it up since I wouldn’t be a resident anymore. Since we would be moving to the U.K. before putting in the ROC application what are my options? How long can I remain a permanent resident or will it end in June 2021 when my 2-year greencard expires? Is it worth applying for the ROC from the U.K. (can I even do that)?
  6. Yeah I was super surprised and suspicious when she said that. Especially since I hadn’t been told that by USCIS. At least I got an extended driving license from it lol
  7. Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I couldn’t find it when I searched the forums. I received my conditional greencard in June 2019 and it expires in June 2021 (as usual). I recently went to the DMV to get my driving license renewed and while there the lady told me that my greencard has automatically been extended to 2026 because of covid-19 so my new driving license wouldn’t expire until 2025. I haven’t received a letter explaining any of this from USCIS, and haven’t received a new greencard with the 2026 expiry date so I just wondered if anyone has heard the same thing?
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