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  1. I got mine approx 2 weeks after I received the combo card.
  2. Okay that’s great. Thanks for your help! I did think that’s probably the case but I wanted to make sure! My greencard interview is on 27th June so I’ll be able to get those conditions removed soon anyway.
  3. Hi. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just want to make sure I’ve got the correct documents. I received my EAD card in the mail on June 1st but still haven’t received the SS number (I ticked the box on the form to get one). However... I applied for one before I sent the AOS application at the SS office which has my married name on it but it says “valid for work only with DHS authorization”. So my question is, is this the correct SS card while I have the EAD or should this condition be removed now? I’m wondering if that’s why I haven’t got a new one - because it’s already up to date? Does this condition only get removed once you have the greencard? thanks!
  4. So I called on 10th May to put in the request over the phone. Got an email on 16th May asking for evidence. It took us a while to get it all together so we didn’t send off the evidence until 22nd May. On 24th May we got the email saying “it’s under review...”. Same as your email so it seems you skipped the evidence stage? Did you submit evidence when you called? Then on 28th May the status for my EAD changed to “card being produced” but AP is still the same. No updates since then but received the card in the mail via priority mail today. I applied to expedite the AP, so I sent in evidence related to that so I don’t think I can help. I didn’t apply to expedite the EAD but I got that anyway since it’s a combo card. I guess you just have to show severe financial loss if you don’t get the EAD soon (assuming that’s what you filed the request under. Maybe show your earnings are barely covering yours bills? I have no idea tbh, someone else might have better advice on that). I hope that’s helpful and good luck!
  5. For anyone that's interested, my expedite request for the AP was approved on 28th May (submitted evidence on 22nd May). The only update I got for it was on the old site where the EAD status changed to "card is being produced" (no update on the AP but I assumed it was because it's a combo card). I received the combo card in the mail today without any status update about it being mailed etc. So I was surprised to get it so fast! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. Thanks for letting me know! About an hour after you replied I got an email from USCIS that they received my evidence and it’s under review. We’ll see what happens!
  7. Thanks for sharing! How long after you submitted evidence did you hear anything? Is there a way to track the status of the expedite? I submitted my evidence for expedite on Wednesday (22nd May), but haven’t heard whether they received the evidence yet. Did you get any notification like that or nothing until it was approved?
  8. Thanks! Got the update on the case tracker app (which I believe is linked to the old site). I didn’t get a notification but I just refreshed my applications on the app and saw there was an update today. No text or email update despite filing for the e-notification alerts. No updates on the my.uscis.gov site (new site). Has been updated on the old site though (egov.uscis.gov).
  9. I just checked my status and my AOS says it’s been scheduled for interview today! Hopefully get the letter soon!
  10. If I was in your position I would call again and see if they have an update. What do you have to lose? Worst case scenario they’ll say there is no update and to call once the 30 days are up. Best case scenario they’ll tell you it’s been processed and approved. I say give it a go and call them.
  11. Why don’t you expedite your application? Seems like you would have a legit reason to and then you don’t have to keep worrying about possibly losing your job. I called last week asking about the process so I had an idea of when I should apply to expedite, and she said “I can send in a request for you now if you want”. I asked her if it would affect our application if the expedite was denied and she said not. She put in the request on the 10th May and on the 16th I got an email asking for evidence to support it. Going to send it off this weekend and hopefully get an answer soon. The way I see it is, why not try and expedite now so you can put your mind at ease instead of constantly worrying and applying to expedite at the last minute? With the current processing times it’s likely you will need to expedite your application at some point in the next 90 days so why not do it now?
  12. Don’t they have a certain amount of time they’re supposed to respond to the RFIE in? Like 30 days or something? Have you put in an inquiry? Yeah I think the thing people are mostly concerned about is the EAD/AP so we can start living our lives! 😂 it’s so lame not being able to work for this long.
  13. Thanks! The processing times for my local office is 10-22.5 months so I’m not going to get my hopes up but at least it’s progress so I’m not complaining!
  14. My AOS application changed to “ready to be scheduled for interview” yesterday! Haven’t heard anything for EAD/AP yet.
  15. Same for me. Still says case received but doesn’t have the received date... The old site seems to be the only one that has updated for me but haven’t heard anything since the biometrics in Feb.
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