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  1. Does your I-797 notice say to "Bring the completed I-864, with all the evidence....(unless already submitted)"? I submitted all the I-864 stuff with my I-485 application, and nothing had really changed with us income--wise, so I'm not bringing any copies of the I-864 docs. Is this unwise?
  2. Sorry for the late reply. When the embassy mailed me by Packet 3/4, it contained a copy of the I-129f. Along with it was a 'cover letter' with my NVC number and and few other details. All it said was that I had to follow more steps to get the visa. It was basically a letter of notification saying that they had received the case and I had to start the visa application process.
  3. SMcNally

    Medical exam - Delhi vs Mumbai

    Yes, they can do it in Delhi. I did my medical in Hyderabad and the interview was in Bombay.
  4. SMcNally

    for the IR5 (GC for parents) can the USC attend the interview ?

    I'm not 100% sure but usually the USC is allowed for a K1 or CR1 interview. I don't see why a USC would not be allowed for a an IR5 interview. You'll of course need to bring your US ID (Eg:Passport).
  5. SMcNally

    Co sponsor

    Assuming a co-sponsor for the I-134. Yes, I used a co-sponsor for the I-134. The co-sponsor filled up the form and have his latest tax form, letter from his employer and his bank account details, as listed in the I-134 instructions. All they asked me at the interview was how I knew him.
  6. Thanks for the reply. So, if I carry on with my medical exam in 4 weeks, will it be valid when I go for my interview next year?
  7. I'm on a K-1 and prepping the documents for the AOS. I didn't get any vaccinations in my home country, so I'm getting them here, including the medical exam (because no civil surgeon in the state is willing to transcribe just the vaccination stuff). My medical exam and doctor's appointment is 4 weeks away. It could take upto 6 weeks (depending on when the test results come). My main objective of sending the AOS stuff as soon as possible was so I can get the EAD as soon as possible and start working. So, I'm thinking of sending the AOS paperwork (I-485, I-131, I-765 etc) without the I-693. I'm thinking I'll get an RFE and when I do I can send the I-693 but will that affect the processing of the EAD? Is this a stupid idea? It could save me a month.
  8. I know this thread was from a while ago but was there any resolution? I did my K-1 medical a month ago in India and the doctor said I didn't need any vaccinations and hence, my DS-3025 is blank. Now I'm in the USA and not only do I need the vaccinations but need a USCIS civil surgeon to fill out the vaccination part of the I-693. There are 4 such places in Anchorage. No one wants to fill out the Part 9 (vaccination part) of the form without doing the entire medical (costing upto $1400). One wanted to sign me up for the 'Immigration Package' and when asked what it was, she didn't know and then said they don't do vaccinations. Anybody from Anchorage and the surrounding areas have any experience with this?
  9. SMcNally

    Police report from India.

    And in the letter state what geowrian posted too with the link. So, in case the CO is unaware about the procedures in India, you can show them what they are.
  10. While adjusting from a K-1, is the I-130 required? It's not mentioned in the guide. Does one need to attach documents like the marriage certificate, I-94 etc to each form or just one copy in the entire package?
  11. Whoops...My bad! I looked at the DS3025. It all vaccination stuff. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. So, your I-693 will have your vaccination info. What about the other tests Eg: chest xray? How does USCIS get the rest of the info on the incomplete DS3025?
  13. 10) On the I-485, Part 1, 19, "Non-Immigrant Visa Number from this passport(if any)". They are not asking for my K1 number, right? They are asking if I have any other visas on that passport. Part 2, 2: Yes or No? Part 2, 3: Are they asking for our I-129f petition number, the WACblahblah? Part 3, 1: The answer is Yes because I have a K-1?
  14. Hi all, I got my K1 a few days ago. We plan on getting married right after I get there, so the weekend after the next...and sending in the AOS package asap (end of July hopefully). I have started looking at the AOS forms and filling some info in. I have a few questions: 1) My fiancee (USC) wants to change her last name. If she does that after we send the AOS package, does that effect our application? Should we notify USCIS after the name change? How is the name change done...at the SSA? 2) Do I send in more than one G-1145 (Electronic Notification) for the AOS package or just one at the beginning? I will also be filing the I-131 and I-765. So, do I need 3 or just the one for the entire package? 3) I already have a SSN (from previously working in the USA on a J-1). Do I need to do anything else regarding the SSA? Like get a new one? If no, then on the I-765, I don't want the SSA to issue me a social security card, right (Question 10)? 4) My current immigration status on the I-765 is 'K-1 fiance' ? 5) Do K-s1 receive an A-Number? 6) I only make the payment for the I-485. The fee for the I-131 and I-765 is waived when I file them all together. Correct? 7) Regarding the I-131, Application for Travel, am I applying for a Re-entry Permit or Advanced Parole? What's the difference? On the I-131, regarding Part 2, No. 1, am I a conditional resident applying for a re-entry permit (1a) or am I applying for an Advance Parole Document to allow me to return after temporary foreign travel? Is it ok if I wanted to travel for non-humanitarian reasons and its also not a personal emergency i.e. a holiday? 8) In the I-765 instructions, this is written, "K-1 Nonimmigrant Fiance(e) of U.S. Citizen or K-2 Dependent--(a)(6). File Form I-765 if you are filing within 90 days from the date of entry. This EAD cannot be renewed. Any EAD application other than for a replacement must be based on your pending application for adjustment under (c)(9). " I thought the EAD could be renewed especially since they give it for only 6 months, right? 9) During my K-1 medical, the panel physician did not give my any vaccinations. It looks like I'll need to get them done in the USA. So, is this what I should be doing? Go to a civil surgeon who will give me the required vaccinations and fill up the I693 form...just the vaccinations part. The results will be in a sealed envelope that I submit when I apply for the AOS. This is assuming I find a civil surgeon who agrees on doing just the vaccinations and not the entire medical. So, this also means, I will have to submit the DS3025 from my medical in India and the I693 from the civil surgeon when I apply for the AOS. Is this correct? My DS3025 is not going to be sealed as the sealed envelope that I get from the embassy will be opened at the POE. Is this a problem? Do other folks just send their DS3025 unsealed? Thank you