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  1. Just call the facility in Abuja and let them know when the interview is. They will schedule her right away. If she doesn't have any vaccination records it's not a problem, but be prepared to pay for the required ones.
  2. Go to the main police headquarters in your city. Bring your passport, 2 passport sized photos. I'm trying to remember but I think she paid around 12k. Since it is Nigeria bring a little bribe money.
  3. LOL. you quoted an old post. My wife was approved and is here with me now
  4. My wife is coming and asked me about antibiotics. I told her they may take them unless she has a valid prescription from a doctor. We can't buy those without a prescription here in the U.S. I told her just make sure she declares them so she doesn't get in trouble.
  5. Go ahead and buy your plane ticket
  6. My wife and I. I didn't go there the first time with the intention of marrying her but to get engaged. I decided I didn't want to leave without making her my wife. So we got married. I only went one other time. It was our traditional wedding. My wife had her interview today and we were approved.
  7. I hope not. I am 19 years older than my wife. We did do our traditional and paid the bride price on our last trip so I hope that helps.
  8. Port Harcourt specifically. What is the best and cheapest option? Thank you
  9. Interesting because I logged on the next day after receiving my case number and was able to pay both fees. I will say though it did not let me pay both fees at the same day. I paid the AOS fee and wasn't able to pay the IV fees until later in the day.
  10. On my 2017 taxes I am shown as part owner of a small business. I gave up that ownership July of 2018. I wasn't planning on filing 2018 until April so I was planning on submitting the 2017 Taxes. As of right now I am no longer a business owner. Can I file the EZ form? How should I go about showing I am an employee and not an owner now? Thanks
  11. My wife did hers in Port Harcourt. 10k plus about 3k to actually get them to do their job.
  12. I'm really not that worried about the income part. I more that double the poverty level and have plenty of proof to support that. Like everyone else I'm just anxious to be together with my wife.
  13. I understand I still have things to do but I'm just trying to gauge how long we will have to wait for an interview
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