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  1. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. I married my wife at the registry on my first visit. Sent in my petition. Went back a second time for the traditional. From filing the petition to approval was 10 month. She is here with me now. Go the CR1 route.
  2. Just call the facility in Abuja and let them know when the interview is. They will schedule her right away. If she doesn't have any vaccination records it's not a problem, but be prepared to pay for the required ones.
  3. Go to the main police headquarters in your city. Bring your passport, 2 passport sized photos. I'm trying to remember but I think she paid around 12k. Since it is Nigeria bring a little bribe money.
  4. LOL. you quoted an old post. My wife was approved and is here with me now
  5. My wife is coming and asked me about antibiotics. I told her they may take them unless she has a valid prescription from a doctor. We can't buy those without a prescription here in the U.S. I told her just make sure she declares them so she doesn't get in trouble.
  6. Go ahead and buy your plane ticket
  7. My wife and I. I didn't go there the first time with the intention of marrying her but to get engaged. I decided I didn't want to leave without making her my wife. So we got married. I only went one other time. It was our traditional wedding. My wife had her interview today and we were approved.
  8. Any idea how long it is taking to get an interview after NVC Case completion?
  9. Can anyone tell me exactly what is needed. We are entering the NVC phase. Can it be done in Port Harcourt or does she have to go to Lagos? Thank you
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