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  1. They make up prices sometimes depending on who you know so who knows what the "real" price is. I honestly forgot how much it was for my spouse but I'm pretty sure it was less than 400cedis. Obtained May 2019.
  2. OP, in Africa and some other places (not sure where) but 99% of ppl there put a LOT of importance on childbirth within a year or two of marriage. Americans do not think of it as an absolute requirement so soon. Some couples have decided to be childless for at least some years or for the remainder of their marriage. I personally know quite a number of these couples, from 20 year olds and upwards. So, don't mistake that the US embassy would be impressed at the immediate adoption of a child. It would likely look rushed or desperate for your situation. Also, please research the cost of caring for a child in US. It's no joke... especially since, if you obtain a visa, she'd be the breadwinner initially.
  3. Yes, thanks. That is what it looks like. Unfortunately, no date written underneath.
  4. Wow. Ok. It appears as if my husband's passport was NOT stamped with the 551. We found a stamp but it does not appear to be the one the operator at USCIS explained to us over the phone. Entered on CR1. The only stamp we have is the entrance date stamp with 'cr1' written on it. That's it. That's why I wanted to know what the stamp exactly looks like.
  5. Hello, What does the passport stamp look like to allow someone to work until green card arrives??
  6. Because she has been granted a visa. She has gone through the steps to obtain one.
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