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    Plans changed and decided to move to Ghana to be with husband several months after filing. Now awaiting visa approval.

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  1. Are you sure about this? Which phase are you speaking of? Uscis? Embassy? If you mean embassy stage, then yes. Countries where the embassy is always packed with ppl trying to get to US would take longer to get interview.
  2. JC&BS


    The American centers are closed. What is an American Center? https://ng.usembassy.gov/education-culture/american-centers/
  3. I filed from US then moved to Ghana some months afterwards due to a change in plans. Yes, please ask your wife, thank you!
  4. JC&BS

    How a Petition Is Processed

    Funny seeing that a 90 day wait was frustrating people. 🤣
  5. Ack! Didn't even consider having to file Ghanaian taxes. Thx for the information.
  6. Hello, I believe I've asked this on some website but can't recall which one. Can anyone living overseas recommend some reputable US based online jobs? I know of survey takers, blog writers, etc but some sites are fradulent. Any work suggestions would be nice. I moved to my spouse's home country to await visa approval and would rather not work here just to gain such small pay(compared to the US dollar)
  7. Hello all... especially those from high fraud countries.... could you please fill out your timeline?? It would help those coming behind you to clearer understand this cumbersome process. It's beneficial for the community at large. Please consider. Thank you
  8. No file sent? What about the orginial I130?
  9. Great! You dont have a timelibe filled out. Could you please give a brief timeline for us? When did you send off I130? When did NVC receive? When did you get interviewed? It'll help us US/Gh cases out please. Medase
  10. Direct consular filing. (dcf) You said you applied at US embassy in accra if im not mistaken right? Does the petitioner live in Gh? That would be considered DCF. Ok, thx. I was wondering if was through email. Good to know.
  11. Sounds like you are DCF? Did you receive the interview package via email or post??