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  1. How long did you wait before it changed to issued?
  2. If visa is issued prior to Nov 3 but enters US after Nov 3 is that an issue?
  3. ... so this applies to those receiving visa (ceac reading = issued) AFTER Nov 3?
  4. Married filing separate is how you should have filed. Search the IRS site for the W7 form and how to obtain an ITIN. It needs a notarized copy of her passport. Read on what type of notarization is required. I don't think it's a big deal imo. Not sure why so many are pressing that issue. The issue *may* be what was found in the police report. I dont know. Wish you and your wife the best.
  5. The green card fee is paid only after approval I assume? This is separate from the nvc fees right?
  6. For others at Accra embassy for future reference: Call the approved clinic at the link in your interview letter to find out the price, passport visa photo requirement and price.
  7. Get w2 from whichever joint sponsor you choose as well
  8. Is there a special type of folder we are supposed to place documents in? Any type is ok or?
  9. Hello When going to embassy what measures are taken once you are called in? They take everything from you and place it in a bin? Is it safe?
  10. 1. An application for which tourist visa you want...the single visit or multiple use. 2. Payment 3. Passport in an self address envelope 4. No, no need to buy ticket before you get the visa
  11. IMO, it depends mostly on your embassy. I would send in chats, photos, passport stamps, etc. If you don't want to create 'clutter' add at least 10 pages of some evidence of communication, visits, etc. I don't believe it slows down the process to send in more than you think. USCIS isn't actually reading the info, as far as I know, they are looking for the basics. The reason people add more than others is because some embassies are tougher than others. Some COs do NOT care to look at any evidence the interviewee has with them during interview so the petitioner decides to add a lot from the beginning to increase the chances of the CO seeing the documents, photos, chats, etc.
  12. How long did it take you to receive results??
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