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  1. So I've been doing a lot of research on this website and others about the options my fiance and I have. We want him to eventually come to the US and live here with me. I've been looking at the comparison of the K1 vs. the CR-1 and due to what he does for a living (being a musician) he really can't wait to work in the US for the adjustment of status. So we discussed getting married in the UK instead and filing for the CR-1. But I have a few hangups on that. We don't plan on having a big wedding there. We want to get it done as soon as possible, so where would we go? How much notice do we have to give the registry office? If we don't have any solid booked wedding plans (the government site says I have to apply for this visa 3 months before I plan to travel) what kind of evidence can we give that proves we plan to get married? When I am in the UK, if we are staying at his mother's house (where he lives and takes care of her as she is elderly), do I still have to provide proof that I can book a hotel for the time I am there? How much money should I have in my bank account when I apply, or does regular deposits into my bank account count as proof of ability to pay for my trip? I dont have pay slips, I get direct deposits. How can I prove I dont plan to work in the UK if I work online? The whole process is so confusing to me. Regardless of which way we choose it's going to separate us for a while as his ESTA was taken from him when he tried to come visit me for christmas and now he cannot visit me in the states. I just want to choose the right pathway for us that will make it the easiest all things considered.
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