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  1. I meant to ask what’s the timeframe as of now. I heard 3months. I wanted to see if anyone received theirs as of yet.
  2. Anyone applied for a work authorization card with their AOS?
  3. Correct. They asked for both marriage certificates for both my Fiancé and I along with his divorce certificate. I believe the person who is in Haiti has to provide both, they claim it’s to verify if the names change which I don’t understand how a mans name would change after a divorce. And we sent the original copies. They gave him back everything in his visa package when he was approved.
  4. No your actual state Senator. For example Marco Rubio is one of Florida’s senators. He was an amazing help throughout my journey.
  5. I believe you have to complete the DS-160, pay the fee and then submit all your documents through DHL and they will call you and let you know when the interview is scheduled for. Not sure if there’s a new procedure.
  6. Yes, that is the visa payment. The profile is what’s called the DS-10 (I don’t know the exact name I’m going off the top off my head it’s been so long). Where beneficiary the would enter all their information. The one that’s supposed to be done in Haiti. Hope this helps.
  7. I was in AP for 11 months 😔. The first time I contacted my senator they actually helped. It’s best to contact them after You past 60 days in AP. Haiti has no sense of urgency they will prolong the case until they forget about it.
  8. This is an amazing news. During the time I sent mines in the wait was 6-7 months.
  9. As long as you got married before the 90 days then youre fine. Everything else is at your own pace and control. The K1 visa expiration date is the date he needs to travel to the USA.
  10. I would definitely call the embassy or email them to inquiry about the proper steps needed. Just to be on the safe side.
  11. Yesss lol we went through the same struggle!! Thank you so much for all your help and for listening to all of my venting.
  12. They called my fiance was contacted by the embassy today. They advised him to pick up the visa from the embassy tomorrow morning. This is a little different I thought they would of had him pick it up from DHL.
  13. After 11 months in administrative Processing my fiancé visa was finally approved. It’s been such a stressful journey for both of us but I think god for putting us through this because it made us stronger and gain patience something both him and I lacked. We started this journey back in December 2017!!! This forum has helped me in so many ways, no question was ever left unanswered. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. All were waiting on is the visa to be printed and mailed. For those who are wondering here’s our loooonnnngg time line. December 7th 2017 sent application to USCIS December 8th recieved *USCIS recieved date December 13th June 27th Approved July 5th sent to NVC July 15th Transit July 18th paid Interview scheduled on July 19th for September 4th. September 4th 2018- Interview: Placed on AP due to not having original Divorce & Marriage License. Asked for additional chat logs from October 2016 (I sent January 2017 through 2018 chat logs) Marriage and Divorce certificates took 4.5 months due to inbetween riots and Haiti slow processing along with a whole bunch of in-between B.S February 6th 2019 documents sent February 7th Haiti starts 1.5 week protest which caused DHL and embassy to be closed. February 18th Documents arrived was advised to wait 60 days for answer April 4thth contact embassy was advised to be patient April 9th wrote Senator on the issue April 18th senator stated they sent the embassy a letter. Updated on the April 20th & 23rd April 24th embassy calls fiancée and advised him to a package at DHL on April 26th. Packet states he need a new Medical April 29th medical completed May 3rd Medical mailed to the embassy May 7th received/updated May 15th case update May 17th case update May 24th case update May 29 Case update June 21, 2019 case update July 17th Emailed Senator again August 2nd - Email US Ambassador for Haiti August 5th - Case changed from AP to Ready August 6th Case changed to application received and changed from Immigration Visa to Nonimmgration visa. Received a follow up email from embassy stating the visa was approved. August 7 - Called to confirm status, I was advised the visa has been issued.
  14. Stumbled across this article that just came out. It was of Haiti’s US Embassy review. It’s online and can be found on stateoig.gov. It’s a lot to read but it’s absolutely worth it especially to those who were denied and are still waiting on response from the embassy. Immigrant Visa Workload Not Managed Effectively OIG found that the Immigrant Visa (IV) Unit accepted more cases than it had the capacity to process in an efficient and effective manner. This resulted in a daily workload that was heavy and unevenly distributed among 4 consular officers and 23 LE staff. In particular, until November 2018, the unit had requested from the National Visa Center (NVC) about 1,400 new IV cases per month, but the requests did not factor in the unit’s high volume of locally scheduled cases. Locally scheduled cases are necessary to accommodate IV applicants who are refused at their first appointment due to incomplete documentation. Applicants are then scheduled locally to return when they have the additional documentation. OIG noted that, as a result of the combined volume of cases, relatively inexperienced adjudicating officers were working long hours to adjudicate the daily number of applicants regularly scheduled by NVC, as well as the locally scheduled applicants. Additionally, some officers told OIG that their initial ISP-I-19-18 12 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED training program was shortened because of the heavy workload, which affected their productivity and contributed to low morale in the IV Unit. OIG found that the embassy had started taking steps to address these issues. Specifically, the newly arrived Consul General began matching resources to capacity. In addition, to lower the weekly refusal rate, the embassy engaged the NVC to propose measures to enhance the preparedness level of IV applicants. In accordance with 3 FAM 1214b(2), 7 FAH-1 H-262.3-4, Workload Distribution, and 7 FAH-1 H- 242c(6), Workload Analysis, consular managers are expected to plan strategically and use consular management tools to analyze processes and workload to effectively manage resources. Guidance in the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ leadership tenets, management framework,19 and 7 FAH-1 H-241 and 7 FAH–1 H-261 also outline expectations for consular managers to manage “existing resources to deal effectively with consular workloads,” “seek ways to improve operational effectiveness,” and “effectively distribute resources in an equitable manner to ensure mission accomplishment.” Failure to plan strategically to manage existing resources and deal effectively with consular workloads creates backlogs, lowers productivity and morale, truncates training, and leads to overtime costs. Recommendation 7: Embassy Port-au-Prince should use the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ management framework to manage the immigrant visa workload more effectively. (Action: Embassy Port-au-Prince) Reviews of Immigrant Visa Refusals Did Not Meet Department Standards The embassy did not review all of the refused immigrant visa cases required by Department standards. For example, between April 1 and June 30, 2018, managers did not review 380 of 447 (85 percent) of the refusals that should have been reviewed. Guidance in 9 FAM 504.11- 3(A)(2), however, states that consular managers must review all immigrant visa refusals that cannot be overcome by presentation of additional evidence. Notwithstanding this guidance, consular managers did not prioritize these reviews. Failure to conduct reviews of refusal cases increases the risk of adjudication errors and denying the immigration benefit to an eligible applicant. Recommendation 8: Embassy Port-au-Prince should review immigrant visa refusals in accordance with Department guidelines. (Action: Embassy Port-au-Prince) Consular Section Intake Procedures, Use of Space Were Inefficient OIG found that the embassy did not make the most efficient use of intake procedures and available space to process Consular Section customers and accommodate them as efficiently, 19 The Bureau of Consular Affairs created the Consular Leadership Tenets to provide a value-based approach to leadership. The bureau’s 1CA Management Framework is designed to complement the leadership tenets and provide consular teams with tools to analyze and address common consular management and leadership issues. ISP-I-19-18 13 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED safely, and pleasantly as possible. For example, applicants typically were accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis, rather than according to their appointment time. Applicants arriving at the consular compound access control area were grouped by their requested consular services, admitted to the embassy compound, and, after reaching the consular waiting room, again were sorted and directed to initial processing. Waiting times varied depending on the requested service, with some applicants spending up to an hour standing in line before seeing an adjudicator. Furthermore, a covered seating area between the access control area and the waiting room entrance that would allow some applicants to sit while they waited remained largely unused. Guidance in 7 FAH-1 H-281a states that an effective consular section needs to provide secure, adequate, efficient, comfortable, and attractive accommodation for both visitors and staff. In addition, the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ management framework, which consular managers did not consult for guidance on this issue, provides tools to conduct workflow analysis in order to more efficiently process applicants. Without more attention to procedures and accommodations, applicants often wait longer than necessary in uncomfortable conditions, and consular productivity is decreased due to inefficient processes. Recommendation 9: Embassy Port-au-Prince should use the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ management framework to comply with Department guidance for processing and accommodating consular customers. (Action: Embassy Port-au-Prince)
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