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  1. thats possible! we brought a metric tonne of photos and he didn't ask to see them, we were like WAIT LET US SHOW YOU PHOTOS OF US AND OUR CAT. I don't want to spend anymore money on anything where possible, this process has been so expensive hehe. I shall!
  2. I was very clear on the phone about what the situation was, and i said i wanted to know if it was a mistake or not. I have no idea what they could want since the first interviewer was literally like "okay you are clearly in love i literally don't need to see anymore," whilst we kept trying to show him photos of us. What's a stokes interview? Is that the one where we are separated?
  3. how do you talk to a tier 2? I called already asking and they just said to attend the interview again
  4. I was a bit hasty in putting approved there! The guy said i would be approved within a few weeks of my interview in Jan, but that was just verbal. I am concerned about why they want a 2nd interview. The first guy was pretty enthusiastic.
  5. hey folks, So i had my initial green card interview on Jan 24th 2019 and the chap said he would put me forward for approval however! I got a letter the other day inviting me to another (it says initial interview too le sigh) in august and i'm wondering if i have to get my medical redone since it was done in april 2018 and now it's over a year old. Thoughts?
  6. Okay, thanks! I'll try. Do you know the call options i'm supposed to choose? Everything i'm trying is taking me to automated services. I can't remember how i got through to a human last time.
  7. Hey folks, I had my interview on 24th Jan 2019, and the chap said that he was recommending approval and that "it'll probably take a couple of weeks to approve," and that i would receive the card shortly after. It's been 89 days and nada. My status still says the case needs to be reviewed. Where do i stand here? I've been trying to find out processing times but i'm having no luck. I've spent the last hour trying to speak to a human on the USCIS phone line but I have to take a breather or i will lose my temper. They make it SO hard to talk to someone. Any thoughts?
  8. Haha spot on. We are indeed millennials. My wife and I keep joking that we should just bring along sex videos for proof. I'll definitely keep collecting evidence in mind for the next 2 years. Thanks for your advice!
  9. No time for that now before our interview, but we are going to get a joint account when i get working. It's interesting, the things they consider good proof? Joint accounts and joint utilities are something many people in relationships that I know, don't do nowadays. I certainly didn't with previous long term partners ^^
  10. Oh good point about not throwing early stuff out - thank you i'll keep this in mind! More joint things will come in time, we don't have a joint account and things since i don't have money to put in it yet - it's been a long 9 months since i had an income, my savings are basically non existent at this point.
  11. Phone bill and apartment lease is all we have currently. This will be added to for ROC in 2 years.
  12. Good day all, i'm trying to go though all the things i have put together for my AOS interview. I've followed the instructions on the I-797c of what to bring, but i would like some eyes to run through it if you can spare the time As follows: Interview Notice I-797c Gov issued ID (passport) Vaccination supplement I-94 Both of our birth certificates Marriage license My wifes previous divorce decree NOA2 of petition Joint apartment lease Joint life insurance +health insurance Phone contract with both out names Police ACRO (this is the UK police cert saying i have no convictions) EAD + AP Bank account confirming address Flight information from trips made together Wedding vows Photos (a hefty assortment of us at places and us with people) Christmas cards with both our names Is there anything people would recommend adding?
  13. Hey all, I have my GC interview in a week. How long roughly do people wait after the interview to receive their GC in the mail? My wife and I are hoping to go back to Scotland asap afterwards. If we were to book soon after, and my GC hadn't arrived by the time we go, is my AP still valid to gain re-entry?
  14. Hey all, July 30th filer here. I have my GC interview on 24th Jan. Excited and nervous! I also received my EAD and travel auth a couple of days ago lol. Am in the process of getting myself organised and all the paperwork they requested together again. Congrats to everyone who has recently had their interviews or have a date, and for those waiting, may they be scheduled soon!
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