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  1. thats possible! we brought a metric tonne of photos and he didn't ask to see them, we were like WAIT LET US SHOW YOU PHOTOS OF US AND OUR CAT. I don't want to spend anymore money on anything where possible, this process has been so expensive hehe. I shall!
  2. I was very clear on the phone about what the situation was, and i said i wanted to know if it was a mistake or not. I have no idea what they could want since the first interviewer was literally like "okay you are clearly in love i literally don't need to see anymore," whilst we kept trying to show him photos of us. What's a stokes interview? Is that the one where we are separated?
  3. how do you talk to a tier 2? I called already asking and they just said to attend the interview again
  4. I was a bit hasty in putting approved there! The guy said i would be approved within a few weeks of my interview in Jan, but that was just verbal. I am concerned about why they want a 2nd interview. The first guy was pretty enthusiastic.
  5. hey folks, So i had my initial green card interview on Jan 24th 2019 and the chap said he would put me forward for approval however! I got a letter the other day inviting me to another (it says initial interview too le sigh) in august and i'm wondering if i have to get my medical redone since it was done in april 2018 and now it's over a year old. Thoughts?
  6. Okay, thanks! I'll try. Do you know the call options i'm supposed to choose? Everything i'm trying is taking me to automated services. I can't remember how i got through to a human last time.
  7. Hey folks, I had my interview on 24th Jan 2019, and the chap said that he was recommending approval and that "it'll probably take a couple of weeks to approve," and that i would receive the card shortly after. It's been 89 days and nada. My status still says the case needs to be reviewed. Where do i stand here? I've been trying to find out processing times but i'm having no luck. I've spent the last hour trying to speak to a human on the USCIS phone line but I have to take a breather or i will lose my temper. They make it SO hard to talk to someone. Any thoughts?
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