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  1. Thank you soooo much for this! Great idea in adding a narrative of the financial situation. Most of our bills only allow 1 person to be on the account. We tried calling some but it blows their minds like it’s a super odd request. I will definitely add these to our list.
  2. Thank you! That’s what i have as well. Would you mind sharing the list of documents/proof you provided? It will help me a lot. I still have PTSD from filing AOS. 😅
  3. Hi guys! I’m putting together our RoC packet. Is the Affidavit from Friends and Family really necessary? Can i send our application without it? I just dont want to bother people especially if it’s not really going to make a difference
  4. Thank u for this! There’s a lot of confusion because some say that even those applying for citizenship maybe affected as well. This rule can evolve for sure but at least it’s clearer to me now
  5. There’s a lot of debate on this topic as who is affected by the change. I tried to read the 800 page document but could not file anything relating to those that will be applying for ROC. Can someone shed some light for me here?
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