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  1. Thank u for this! There’s a lot of confusion because some say that even those applying for citizenship maybe affected as well. This rule can evolve for sure but at least it’s clearer to me now
  2. There’s a lot of debate on this topic as who is affected by the change. I tried to read the 800 page document but could not file anything relating to those that will be applying for ROC. Can someone shed some light for me here?
  3. Oops! I thought it’s on Thursday! 😅 Congrats girl! 1 more week and you too can also take a break from paperwork for a while. 😊
  4. Green card received! Thanks to everyone in this forum. Helped us a whole lot. @Yaztalksalot goodluck on your interview tomorrow!
  5. You got me worried so I googled and it seems that i-130 is for the alien spouse petition. I came here on a k1 visa where an i-129F alien fiance petition was required. I guess this explains why i dont have the i-130.
  6. Hello! Sorry i dont think i have submitted i-130 before. All I submitted for my AOS is the i-485, i-864, i-131 and i-765. Can you tell me what the i-130 is for?
  7. They’re correct. You are not allowed to work without the EAD. I had to patiently wait for mine for 7 months. After the job offer and during onboarding, the applicant will be asked register thru i-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. You will be required to present your EAD and SSN or your GC for them to proceed. This applies to all US employers. If the company is willing to forego all of this, you should wonder why. Are they going to skip your benefits too? They technically can get away with jipping you because you are working illegally.
  8. I forgot to mention that out officer didn’t ask to see any photos of us, not even a single one. We brought 2 photo albums : 1 before we were married and 1 after we were married.
  9. Not sure too. Maybe because it’s on my file. I remember having to list all previous US Travel Info on the K1 visa application or something like that. It was ok though, it was mostly short business trips.
  10. Hi folks! Just wanted to provide an update regarding our interview yesterday at USCIS San Antonio, TX We went into USCIS 30 mins earlier than our scheduled time. My husband and I decided to attend in formal business attire. There are a lot of people in business attire, mostly people coming in for the interview, but there are also people in casual clothes, seems like those who are there to make an inquiry. We go thru typical airport security screening, we were able to take our phones with us provided that you put it through the scanner. We were asked to remove anything we have in our pockets and any jewelry we are wearing. After the security screening, my husband was asked to wait in the waiting room while i was asked to queue up on the reception line to sign in for my interview. I gave my interview notice and the receptionist in turn gave it back to me with my number and was told to wait in the waiting room and wait for my number or name to be called. We waited for a few minutes and then we were called in for the interview by our immig officer. I offered a firm handshake and introduced myself and my husband, which she gladly took notice. We were also told that there will be another officer with her on the interview for training purposes. We went inside the interview room and then the officer proceeded to give us a brief agenda of what she will go through. We were sworn in and the she proceeded to ask questions from the AOS form we submitted. Just basic questions like my name, birthday address etc. She then started asking about the typical yes/no questions in the AOS form. After that, she asked about my current job here in the US, she looked into my file and was surprised that it is the same job i have prior to moving to the US. (I work for a g500 company )She asked if my company transferred my employment from the Philippines to the US. I told her that i was fortunate enough that my company supported my move and that they decided to put my role on hold until my EAD is approved so i can reapply and keep the same job as well as keep my tenure. I was asked to show her my i-9 submission form to confirm my registration date with my EAD. She also asked if i have been to the US before we moved(5 times) and how long was the longest one(1 month). She asked if my husband and i went together on those trips( only once for Christmas vacation ). She also asked if i still have a valid b1/b2 visa at the time we filed for K1(yes i did) Next question, she asked was how we met, which i answered. We’ve been living together since 2006 in my home country and she asked my husband why it took him so long to get me here. We were laughing because the officer was joking about how long my husband took his sweet time before proposing. She also about why we don’t have kids after being together for more than 12 years. She then asked for new evidence we would like to include in our file. We told her we have an updated i864 that now includes 2016 and 2017 taxes. She said our affidavit of support has already been approved from what we have submitted but she appreciated the updated i864 and took it along with the new tax forms and added it to our file. Next she had asked for us to show her documents proving our marriage. It helped that we had it in a clear file folder so we just flipped thru the documents in front of her. She took the following documents: - renewed lease agreements with our names - joint checking and savings accounts - each of our 401k beneficiaries page - each of our insurance beneficiaries page - approved report of marriage (we registered our marriage on my home country) - car insurance - both of our driver’s license copies showing the same address - joint 2017 tax returns i offered her other documents like my husband’s job offer, recent pay stubs, etc but she doesnt need it. She also didnt ask to see the originals or what we submitted like marriage license, birth certificates, etc She started going through the RoC/naturalization process and told us to expect my green card in the mail in 2-3 weeks. I wanted to hear her say it so i asked her explicitly. I said, so does this mean you are approving our application? She said Yes! You have my approval for AOS. We were so happy and we thanked her for her time. We head out for lunch and we realized that she didnt give us any written note saying we have been approved. She didn’t get my fingerprints nor stamped my passport with something. We were getting worried. But today, I received a notification from USCIS that my card is in production! Yay! We thought we were dreaming lol. Sorry for the long post but i just want to be thorough in the hopes that it may help someone else. Best of wishes to everyone here!
  11. I am based in Texas. I used my AOS NOA and Biometrics notice as proof for my lawful presence verification. I had no EAD at that time. I only got to get my name changed when i got my EAD as the SSN office i went to requires at least an EAD to change my name. Filling up forms, i used my new name and put my maiden name under other names used.
  12. We kinda went thru the same scenario, in our case it was 2016 extension when we submitted our AOS application last October 2017. We included the request for extension form that we sent to IRS. Now with our upcoming interview next week. We will be bringing an updated i-864 form with the latest tax forms since we now have the 2016 and 2017 taxes.
  13. I agree! No harm in bringing it just in case they asked, even when we know it’s not required. My husband was based in my home country as a local hire prior to us moving back last year (noting foreign earned income)and he changed jobs at the end of the year so i think it’s worth a shot for us to bring the updated affidavit of support just because his financial situation has changed.
  14. Yaaaay! Thanks for this @Yaztalksalot ! You are the best! I went through our docs using your checklist and we have about 90% of what you have. We don’t have some of the bills under both our names because some companies don’t allow another person to be added. We also only have lease agreement because we are currently renting. That should still be ok right? Aside from the ones you listed, we are also bringing our 401k where we are listed as each other’s beneficiary.
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