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  1. Here is the information that one of my friends gave me, who already did the interview in Guyana on June 26, 2018. There is this Cuban company in Guyana that can help you in transportation to move around Guyana without the need to use taxis and they will pick you up at the airport and take you back. They will also take you and bring you to the interview, to collect the visa passport, to the medical check-up and to collect the results of the medical check-up. The company is called toma 1 travel the email is toma1oferta@gmail.com and its website is www.toma1oferta.com. The contact number to reach them is + 592-680-8487 and you can reach them in WhatsApp also. The medical check you do in a day and depending on whether you are a single person or a family will be the delay in returning the result for a single person the results is usually returned the next day however for families sometimes it takes two or three days. The limit cost is $ 250 but some people find it cheaper because they are already vaccinated with vaccines that make the total value a little bit higher for example in the case of my friends she (beneficiary) was already vaccinated with the yellow fever and it cost her $ 180. The total price $250 for the medical check covers both the blood test for $ 10 and Chest X-ray for $ 15. Remember that you have to carry the vaccination card from Cuba so you do not have to pay for all vaccines again. Their interview was for 8:00 am but they arrived at 7:15 in the morning and they made the number 20 in the queue. According to my friends, everything was very fast and organized. First, they go to an area where they check the papers that they are going to take to the window where they do the interview, then the interview and then they tell you if you are approved or not and also that it takes 7 days to have the visa passport ready however hers was already ready the next day. The visa passport is collected in another place that is also close to the embassy. The ticket to travel is recommended to buy it back and forth the same for the person traveling from Cuba to Guyana as for the person traveling from the United States to Guyana. Later on in the return you can change the destiny of the person who was going to return to Cuba changing that passage back to the United States to make that change to them specifically cost them $ 538. The value of these changes depends on the airline company with which you decide to travel. They traveled through the Copa Airlines but there are two other companies that fly to Guyana (Caribbean Airlines and Suriname). My friends say that there is little entertainment outside the hotel so he recommend you to take something that you can connect to the TV like the Apple TV box ( that is what he did). I know that Walmart has a device that is like a flash memory used to connect to the TV ( I think it is call streaming box and it comes with different names ) and you could watch Netflix and YouTube and other things on the Internet so you do not get bored. When they arrived in the United States they were given a form to fill it out and apply online for the residence and it is paid online also it costs $ 220 and you will receive the residence to the same address that you put in the form that you filled DS-260. He also told me that on that day there were people doing an interview that had been pending since July 2017 and that they had an interview when U.S.A closed the embassy in Cuba since Tropical Storm Irma, so we only have to wait patiently and see when our interview comes. If you do not speak English or do not understand English you can copy all this note and translate it into Google translate. Unfortunately I can not write in Spanish in this topic. You can also contact me through the private message of Visa Journey. I usually do not go to Visa Journey because it is very difficult for me from my cell phone because for some reason I cannot explain I always get a lot of pop-ups and restrictions when checking VJ post/ topics from my cell and it does not have an App either. But even once a week I check VJ almost always on Sundays. I hope this help and clarify most of you. I wish you good vibes......
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