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  1. Hi all! I had my AOS Interview at Tampa FL USCIS Office today. Here is my review... Met with a lovely immigration officer (Riki) who went through the I-485 and verified all the information that I had provided in the form. Asked for my name and former names, my DOB, husbands name and his DOB, my parents names, current address, how long we have lived there for, date we were married and then we went through each of the immigration/criminal/terrorism questions which you have to answer verbally yes/no to. We were then invited to provide any supporting documentation to verify our relationship. We provided gym membership, health insurance, joint credit cards, car insurance, joint bank statements, birthday cards, 5 x photos from the wedding, copies of our wedding vows and facebook msgs and emails. She then invited us to tell her about us and our story which we didn't mind retelling as we love to tell our little 'fairytale' She then informed us that she had everything she needed for her review and that once they did a 'refresh' on my background check, everything to her looked good to be approved. Told us they have 90 days to approve it but that she normally takes less than 30 days to go through her cases and issue decision. She then said that I will receive a letter advising us of their decision and then a week later will receive the card. By the time we arrived home (approximately 2 hours after the appointment ended), I received a text notification that my case status had been updated for all three cases (AOS, EAD & AP). So I signed in to my USCIS account online and it advised 'New Card is Being Produced' for my AOS which means I have been APPROVED and it is on it's way! NOTE - Because my greencard was issued before my employment authorization/advance parole requests had been granted, they have now been cancelled by the immigration officer (she advised us that she would cancel them once she approved and issued my green card). So all in all, a easy experience (even though I was nervous... something about an 'interview' that always makes me a little uneasy haha), questions were straight forward and after only a short wait, I now have my green card on it's way! Happy Days Also just a quick mention regarding the I-693 medical. I had my overseas vaccination in Feb 2018 with all my vaccinations completed (except for the flu vaccine as it was not flu season in Australia). I provided a copy of my vaccination record (DS3025) with my I-485 submission and this was sufficient. I did NOT go to a civil doctor and re do any medical or vaccination part of the form for my interview as it was still within the 12 months of my overseas medical. The topic of the medical was not even brought up in the interview. Just wanted to add this in for others as this was something that I wasn't sure of and took a chance in not completing the additional medical just in case I didn't need it - which turns out I didn't! If you have any further questions, let me know and good luck to the rest of you!! Alli
  2. AOS PACKAGE SENT: August 4, 2018 AOS PACKAGE RECEIVED: August 8, 2018 NOA1: August 15, 2018 BIOMETRICS: September 5, 2018 READY TO SCHEDULE INTERVIEW (email notification): September 13, 2018 INTERVIEW SCHEDULED: September 27, 2018 INTERVIEW: November 1, 2018 I received only an email notification that the interview was ready to be scheduled and then a week and a bit later, another email to say it was scheduled and a notice in the mail with my interview details followed a few days after that. Hope yours is scheduled quickly too! Cheers, Alli
  3. Hey August AOS filers I filed mine 4th August and have my interview scheduled at the Tampa FL Office for 1st November 2018 so I'm currently getting my paperwork together. Only thing I'm concerned about is the DS-3025. I have a copy and it is complete however it was done in February 2018 back in Australia and as it wasn't currently flu season, I didn't get it done (side note - all other vaccinations are up to date). The interview will be in flu season so I'm wondering if that means I'm going to have to go and get a flu shot and the I-693 form vacc supplement completed by a civil surgeon. What is everyone else planning on doing? Cheers Alli
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